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Be a Japanese Beauty with Kanzashi at "Wargo"

Be a Japanese Beauty with Kanzashi at

Translated by Piyo

Written by MATCHA

Tokyo 2014.06.16 Bookmark

Sometimes men just cannot help glancing at charming women passing by even when they are going out with their girlfriend.

They may be excusing themselves silently in their mind saying "It's not my fault. It's just because of her magnetism. This is absolutely an irresistible force for all men, so please be generous my girl." Usually men are attracted by women wearing Japanese traditional clothes such as kimono (着物), yukata (浴衣, casual kimono for summer) and by women's nape which can be seen very beautifully with these traditional clothes.


photo by ditao

Moreover, men like women's action of doing up their long hair and "kanzashi (かんざし)" has been playing an important role for Japanese women to dress their hair when they wear traditional clothes. One of my female friends told me about a nice "Kanzashi" shop so I visited there this time.

So, What Is "Kanzashi"?

I know many of men are not familiar with this "Kanzashi" even in Japan.


photo by Kanzashi shop (かんざし屋)wargo Official HP

Kanzashi is one of fashion accessories for hair. In ancient Japan, it was believed that thin sticks had a mysterious power and people could expel evil sprits by using Kanzashi when they arrange their hair. At that time, the accessory was called "Kami zashi (Kami means hair)" and this is the origin of Kanzashi.

For Geisha, (芸者, women who provide professional entertainment at Japanese banquets) the way of arranging their hair and how to use Kanzashi were used to show one's status in the Geisha world. Today, Kanzashi can be used not only with Japanese traditional clothes but also with Western clothes.

Kanzashi Shop "Kanzashiya wargo (かんざし屋wargo)"


Here is the Kanzashi Shop "Kanzashiya wargo (かんざし屋wargo)". This is the only store specializing in Kanzashi in Japan. Let's have a look at some popular products.

  • Himetemaritama Kanzashi (姫手鞠玉かんざし, 2,900yen)

photo by Kanzashiya wargo Official HP

The most popular one is "Tamakanzashi (玉かんざし)". The bigger the bead (Tama) is, the more it suits young people with any kinds of hair style.

  • Dahlia Kanzashi(ダリアかんざし, 4,900yen)

photo by Kanzashiya wargo Official HP

This is a kind of "Tsumami Kanzashi (つまみかんざし)", also known as "Hana Kanzashi (花かんざし, Hana means flowers)". Today this is mainly used by Maiko (women who perform traditional Japanese dance) as well as in the celebration of Shichigosan (七五三, a gala day for children of three, five and seven years of age). This looks gorgeous and its size is relatively big, so this kind of Kanzashi is often used on special days. Especially Dahlia Kanzashi looks like a corsage and can be used casually.

  • Sukashi Kagee Ippon Kanzashi Mikeneko ver. (透かし影絵一本かんざし, 三毛猫 3,400yen)

photo by Kanzashiya wargo Official HP

"Bachigata (バチ形)" which is shaped like Samisen (Japanese traditional musical instrument) and Openwork Kanzashi are also nice and unique.

  • "My Neibor Totoro, Triple Totoro Kanzashi (「となりのトトロ」三連トトロかんざし, 8,400yen)"

photo by Kanzashiya wargo Official HP

This is an original product made together with Studio Ghibli.

Studio Ghibli, Best-known Animation Studio in Japan

"Kanzashiya wargo" have shops in Harajuku, Shinjuku in Tokyo and Kyoto in the Kansai region. There are varieties of products there so why don't you visit one of them ?

How To Use Kanzashi?

If you don't know how to use Kanzashi, don't worry. The employees will explain for you and these videos are also useful.

You Can Be a Japanese Beauty With Kanzashi

In the past, Kanzashi was used only with Japanese hair style. But it has developed over time and now can be used casually. You can experience Japanese beauty very easily with Kanzashi whenever you like. It would be nice if you visit Kanzashiya like you go shopping to ordinary clothes shop.

Summer, the season of Yukata will soon come. I hope I can see many women who enjoy Kanzashi which let their nape of the neck look beautifully...

(Well, the author is a woman and she means nothing by saying above. )


Kanzashiya wargo Harajuku

Address: Jingumae 4-28-14 HarajukuBOX 2F, Shibuya, Tokyo
Opening Hours: 12:00-20:00
Closed Days: irregular holiday
Credit Cards: available
Language: Japanese
Signs available in other languages: available
Station: Tokyo Metro Meiji Jingumae Station
Access: Walk down the Meiji-Dori street in the direction of Omote Sando. Turn left at the corner of Lawson (a convenience store) on the left.
Price: 1,000~20,000yen
Phone: 03-3479-3150
Official HP:http://www.kanzashiya.com/

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