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Kamogawa Seaworld, Chiba: Soaked, Refreshing, Dynamic!

Kamogawa Seaworld, Chiba: Soaked, Refreshing, Dynamic!

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Kamogawa Seaworld in Chiba is a marine park where you can not only enjoy great performances by killer whales, but an aquarium and a great number of fun, educational activities too! Visit and see their efforts in protecting wildlife too.

Translated by MATCHA

Written by Takahide Aoyagi

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Most Japanese aquariums tend to be fairly quiet and cool, the perfect leisure spots for summer. But Kamogawa SeaWorld, an aquarium located in the north of Chiba, is a lively and unique aquarium out of the many you can find in Japan. Let's find out why!

Features of Kamogawa SeaWorld

The most notable feature of Kamogawa Seaworld is their amazing Marine Show. Although the shows do depend on the weather, there are typically four shows a day featuring sea lions, dolphins, beluga whales and killer whales.

Dolphin Show

This picture is from the dolphin show, but all the other shows are equally unique and won't leave you feeling bored for a second! Among them, one that you especially cannot miss in the summer is the spectacular Killer Whale Show.

What makes the Kamogawa Seaworld's killer whale show more intense than any other shows, is the dynamic water splash by the whales. In fact, the splashes are so intense that they go straight over the tank and back several rows deep into the audience. That's right - be prepared to get soaked at Kamogawa Seaworld.

I know you're thinking: "Soaked? That's an exaggeration". But just take a look!

Waterproofing is Essential in the Front Row Seats

At most events, the front row is usually one of the first to fill up; everyone wants the best view possible of the main event, right? But here, the front row might stay empty for a while, and anyone that sits there just knows they're going to get wet. The show starts with the interaction of the trainer and the killer whales.

Performance by the trainer and the killer whales

They perform perfectly in tune with each other, completely fascinating the audience. But it doesn't end here.

The approaching big tail

Soon up comes the tail of the whale.

Splash by the back tail

And before you know it - SPLASH!

More Intense: Super Jump Splash

At this point you should be soaked enough, but there's no time to stay amazed or even reach for a towel. Next comes the superjump by the Grampus,which is six meters long and weighs about five tons.

Superjump of the Gigantic whale

and finally, the killer whale appears.

The moment of the landing in the water

You might not even have time to hold your breath before a near wall of water comes towards you.

splash of the superjump

This time the water is more intense than with the tail flip of the first whale. At this point, you're likely to have forgotten just how hot the weather was moments before!

A Refreshing Super Splash

What do you think? The acrobatic maneuvers of the whales are spectacular, aren't they? And the fact that the crowd is now soaked through makes this show all the more refreshing and fun. With the heat and humidity of a Japanese summer, this super splash is just the thing to leave you feeling cooled off. Don't miss your chance to see this exciting show!

Ocean Stadium, where the show is held

If you aren't interested in getting that soaked though, then you should definitely try to sit towards the back, and wear waterproof clothing of some sort, just to be on the safe side. Plus, because the tank is filled with seawater, you should make certain that all your electronic devices are put away in waterproof bags as well. Kamogawa Seaworld sells their own raincoats (300 yen each) at a stand near the pool as well for those that need them.


Kamogawa Seaworld
Address: Chiba, Kamogawa, Higashicho 1464-18
Hours: 9:00-17:00, see website for details/closures
Other Languages: Some English
Nearest Station: Awakamogawa Station, JR Uchibo, Sotobo Lines
Access: 5 minutes by free shuttle bus from Awakamogawa Station
Admission: Adults (high school age and up) 2800 yen, children 1400yen, over 65 2100 yen - various discounts available
Phone: 04-7093-4803

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