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Fukudaya, Soba restaurant in Shibuya

Fukudaya, Soba restaurant in Shibuya

Tokyo 2014.11.13 Bookmark

Translated by Michiyo Nakashima

Written by Misaki Tachibana

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Shibuya is known for its bustling streets, where young people hang out and enjoy shopping while there are many businesses in the city. For those people, the soba restaurant, Fukuda-ya, is a place that they can satisfy their appetite with warm soba noodles.

Taste Their Original Soba at Fukuda-ya

If you take a turn to a narrow path in the middle of Dogenzaka street, there is Fukuda-ya on the second level that’s above a convenience store. There is a sign that says “Soba-ya” in front of the convenience store.


If you open the front door of the restaurant, it’s pretty bright with the sun light from the window and spacy for it being inside a building. They are doing the business for about 50 years now. The owner today is the second generation.


They have soba, udon, and seasonal special menu. This time, I ordered a warm soba with different kinds of mushrooms.


There is a soup, called tsuyu with a lot of king oyster mushrooms and shimeji mushrooms that you dip your soba noodle and eat them together.

There are two patterns of Soba noodles. Kakesoba is Buckwheet noodles in soup, and Morisoba is chilled soba noodles served on a dish with dipping sauce like the one I ordered. The owner of the restaurant makes the tsuyu every morning and he makes different taste being strong and light tsuyu for different menus.

The mushrooms go perfect with the soup. The soba noodles are thin so you can eat them easily. You will be really full after you finish this soba noodle.


After you are done with soba noodle, the hostess of the restaurant brought a red pot and a cup together. It is soba water, which is basically the water left in the pot after one has boiled soba. Soba water is healthy for your body because it contains potassium that helps discharge extra salt from your body.


If you have your soup left, you can pour the soba water into the soup bowl and drink it after mixing it. You can also drink the soba water by itself. The fragrance of soba comes from the thick soba water.

If your mouth feels salty, the soba water will help to neutralize it.


Fukuda-ya is operated by a family, and the staff are pretty nice and welcoming. I enjoyed my Soba noodles and the atmosphere of the restaurant. Osoba is pretty common Japanese cuisine, but it is still hard to find a good soba restaurant. If you come to Shibuya, you should visit Fukuda-ya and enjoy their original tastes!




Address: 2nd floor of Fukuda building, 2-25-15 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Hours: Mon ~ Fri 11:00-15:30, 17:00-20:30 / Sat 11:30-15:30
No business days: Sundays and Holidays
Wi-Fi: No
Credit card: No
Language: Japanese only
Access: walk 5 mins from exit 3 of Shibuya station on Tokyu denentoshi line.
Reference costs: Morisoba with mushrooms - 1000 Yen
Call: 03-3476-6437




価格:無料 / 月額課金(400円)
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