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Asakusa Sushi Ken - The First Halal Sushi Restaurant In Japan

Asakusa Sushi Ken - The First Halal Sushi Restaurant In Japan

Written by Ilham Rio Baramika

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Asakusa Sushi Ken is the first halal certified sushi restaurant in Japan. Located in Asakusa, this restaurant provides halal sushi to Muslim customers and Muslim friendly service.

Sushi always comes to mind whenever we think of Japanese food. The rise of its popularity around the world encourages people to seek for authentic sushi in Japan. However, there are also people who cannot experience eating at an authentic Japanese sushi restaurant because of the limitations on their diet, as is the case of halal diet. Even if in the past few years the halal food business in Japan has shown significant growth, the places where you can eat halal food in Japan are still relatively rare, especially in the case of sushi restaurants.

Furthermore, sushi restaurant owners and even the most of the Muslim customers at the sushi restaurants in Japan do not realize that some of the substances in processing sushi are actually non-halal substances. Fortunately, Asakusa Sushi Ken, the first halal certified sushi restaurant in Japan, is determined to provide Muslim friendly service and halal sushi to Muslim visitors.

Preserving the Spirit of Japanese Hospitality - Omotenashi


The constant request for halal food from Muslim customers was the incentive of preparing halal sushi. Before the restaurant gained the halal certification, the menu that could be served by Muslim customers was very limited. Since the number of Muslim visitors to Japan began rising significantly in recent years, the owner of Asakusa Sushi Ken realized the necessity to provide this service to Muslim customers.

"In our business, we have the principle of omotenashi. When a customer asks if halal food is available, it's the same as he or she were asking for chopsticks or for a fork or spoon. If there is a need for a service, we are determined to provide it", says Mr. Itō, the manager of Asakusa Sushi Ken.

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