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Drawing Fortune at Shrines in Japan (2/2)

Drawing Fortune at Shrines in Japan (2/2)

Translated by Miki Takeshita

Written by Takuro Komatsuzaki

2014.06.20 Bookmark

Last time at Drawing Fortune at Shrines in Japan (1/2) we explained how to take Omikuji. This time we are going to tie it to "Musubi-dokoro". "Musubi" means "tying" and "dokoro" stands for "place".


Locals tie Omikuji to "Musubi-dokoro" with gratitude to god who had given them advise, in cases there were curses on the piece of paper. Let's learn how to do it!




In order to tie it easily, fold omikuji twice vertically.


The omikuji has god's word on it. When tying, be careful not to rip it. There are no rules in way to make knots. Just make sure you do not hurt it, or tie it loosely. The important fact is that you tied it with heart.

As a Souvenir

Well, it's not necessary to tie it there as a matter of fact. You can bring it home. It'll be a nice souvenir, no doubt!


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