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Love Cooking? MATCHA's Complete Guide To Japanese Cooking Workshops

Love Cooking? MATCHA's Complete Guide To Japanese Cooking Workshops

Translated by Hilary Keyes

Written by Matcha Admin

2016.07.28 Bookmark

Want to learn how to prepare traditional Japanese dishes while in Japan? We have compiled a series of places where you can enjoy Japanese cooking lessons.

With the number of reality TV shows, online tutorials and cookbooks available in all manner of formats, you would think that learning to cook were easy as pie! Today I have gathered together MATCHA's cooking experience articles so that we can all try our hand at making different delicious Japanese dishes.

These articles showcase locations all across Japan and various different kinds of Japanese cuisine that you can learn how to cook with a chef!


Learn To Make Sushi From A Master Chef! The Uogashi Sushi Workshops

The best known Japanese food of all: sushi. In the workshops held at Uogashi Sushi in Nishiarai (Adachi ward, Tokyo), you can learn how to make perfect makizushi and nigirizushi. Don't know what those are? Then please check out this wonderful workshop!


Make Delightful Japanese Sweets at Kanshundō in Kyoto!

Kyoto is the historical capital of Japan and home of its own amazing food culture. Kyōgashi (a type of Japanese sweets specific to Kyoto) are one traditional treat which a trip to Kyotojust wouldn't be the same without. At Kanshundō you can learn to make seasonal wagashi with helpful, friendly and professional teachers.


Experience Authentic Japanese Green Tea at Jugetsudō, Ginza

Would you like to learn how to prepare different types of Japanese tea but want to stay in the Tokyo area? Then please visit Jugetsudō in Ginza, where you can learn how to make four different types of Japanese tea at this shop with a 154 year long history.


Make Rice Crackers At Yamako Senbei’s “Sōka Senbei Garden” In Saitama!

If the most popular savory snack in the West is potato chips, then in Japan it must be senbei. These crunchy salty, sometimes spicy rice crackers are lots of fun to make - and now you can learn the secrets to this snack in Sōka, the place where senbei crackers originated.


Make Your Own Rāmen At RĀMEN EXPERIENCE TŌKYŌ In Harajuku!

Perhaps the second-most famous Japanese food is of course rāmen. From separating and boiling the noodles to mixing your own soup base and adding toppings, this cooking experience will show you just how much effort goes into making this traditional Japanese fast food.


Slurp Some Noodle History At The Osaka Instant Rāmen Museum

Via Google Street View, you can check out some of Osaka's Instant Rāmen Museum, where after learning about this staple's history you can head into their special noodle kitchen and make your own instant rāmen by mixing and matching the different flavors available.


Enjoy Matcha Art In Wazuka, The Town Of Tea

After learning how to prepare different types of tea, going to tea fields seems like the next logical step - and only in Wazuka can you learn how to prepare very freshly made matcha latte art with a tea instructor.


Oita: Enjoy Local Products Steamed By Hot Springs!

Steamed food is the specialty of Oita prefecture's Beppu region and only at Kannawa Onsen can you learn to cook these locally-produced and sourced dishes over hot spring vents. The flavors from the hot spring are subtle but amazing!


Only In Wakura: How To Make Wakura Hot Spring Eggs

Onsen tamago or eggs hard-boiled in hot spring water take on the mineral flavors of the water that they are boiled in. When visiting Wakura hot springs, why not pick up some eggs from the supermarket and make your own delicious onsen tamago?


Eat Osaka: Let's Learn To Cook Japanese Food!

Now that you've seen the sights in Osaka, why not learn to how to prepare your own Japanese food with ingredients available overseas at Eat Osaka? This kid-friendly school teaches how to prepare a variety of different Japanese dishes all in English.


Interview - Learn Japanese Cooking At Smithkitchen In Jimbōchō

If you would like to learn how to make a Japanese set meal worthy of any restaurant, look no further than Smithkitchen in Jimbōchō. The friendly teachers here work all in English and want to share the joy of preparing Japanese food, part of the intangible cultural heritage of Japan.

For Those Of Us Who Love Cooking But Can Burn Water:


Make Your Own Life-Like Food Sample In Asakusa!

Kappabashi is known for its numerous cooking supply shops, but this is also the place to find the plastic food samples that stand in windows and displays outside cafes and restaurants all across Japan. If you'd like to make your own, please check out this article.

In addition to being fun, learning to cook Japanese dishes under the guidance of local cooking professionals would allow you to acquire skills that you can use anytime in everyday life. We warmly recommend you to go off the beaten path during your trip to Japan and try such unique experiences!

The information presented in this article is based on the time it was written. Note that there may be changes in the merchandise, services, and prices that have occurred after this article was published. Please contact the facility or facilities in this article directly before visiting.

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