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Tsukiji Fish Market - What To See At The World's Greatest Fish Market

Tsukiji Fish Market - What To See At The World's Greatest Fish Market

Tsukiji Fish Market - What To See At The World's Greatest Fish Market

Written by MATCHA

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We have compiled a guide of everything that is worth seeing and enjoying at the amazing Tsukiji Fish Market. There is not much time left until the relocation of the market, so take the next opportunity to marvel at this famous place by yourself!

Written by MATCHA

Tsukiji Fish Market is featured in all the traveling guides on Japan as one of Tokyo's major attractions. Besides the impressive variety of seafood sold here on a daily basis, what makes this market so special is the high level of skill that the fish wholesalers exhibit. To see how they compete in order to get the best quality fish at the tuna auctions, or how fast they cut a tuna fish is worth waking up at 2 AM to make it to Tsukiji before the sunrise, when business is most intense.

For all that, the fish market that has been sustaining the Japanese food culture for 80 years since its opening, will be relocated to Toyosu in November 2016. As it will take a few years until the market will completely settle down in its new location, this means we have three more months left to witness Tsukiji Market as we know it.

We have gathered together our articles on Tsukiji, highlighting all the features of this market that its visitors shouldn't miss out. Or better said, everything that Tsukiji Fish Market will be remembered for.

Tsukiji and Ginza - Contrast and Continuum


Tsukiji Fish Market Tour With Japanese Tea Tasting In Ginza

By taking part in a guided tour, visitors have the chance to hear explanations on the history of Tsukiji, as well as on what they witness in the market. The tour includes access to places that are usually off limits. Moreover, the area covered by the tour extends to fashionable Ginza, where the participants can enjoy learning to prepare four types of Japanese tea in the refined atmosphere of Jugetsudō, a world-reknown tea house. We warmly recommend this guided tour to all of those seeking to learn the essence of Japanese culture.


Tsukiji Fish Market Tour Followed By Sushi Workshop!

The guided tour introduced in this article includes a sushi making workshop after the visit to Tsukiji Market. The workshop takes place at Edo jidai, a sushi restaurant in Tsukiji. Participants will learn to make various types of sushi from the chef himself, who has much to tell both about sushi and about the fish market.

Tsukiji Fish Market

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How to See the Tuna Auctions at Tokyo’s Tsukiji Fish Market

In order to see the famous tuna auctions, visitors have to reach the market early before sunrise. This is the time when the skillful fish wholesalers can be seen at their work. There are some rules that all visitors to Tsukiji have to respect. Please refer to the article above to see how one can best enjoy watching the tuna auctions.


What Is the Difference Between Tsukiji's Outer Market and Inner Market?

Tsukiji Market is divided into two main areas - the Inner Market (the wholesale market) and the Outer Market (which handles other products besides seafood, targeted at individual customers). The one that is going to be relocated in November is the Inner Market, but the Outer Market will still remain in Tsukiji. Find out more about the distinctive features which make each of the two areas worth visiting!

Sightseeing in Tsukiji


Tsukiji Honganji Temple - Amazing Architecture Near Tsukiji Market

The Tsukiji area is home to one of the rare examples of Indian Buddhist architecture in Japan - Tsukiji Honganji Temple. Not only the building itself, but also its interior decorations and pipe organ make this temple into a fascinating destination.

Accommodation in Tsukiji


First Cabin Tsukiji: Fashionable and Reasonable

Have you ever wondered what a capsule hotel is? By staying at First Cabin in Tsukiji, you can experience sleeping in a clean, elegant capsule hotel. Moreover, its proximity to the Fish Market ensures that you reach the early morning tuna auctions on time.

Dining in Tsukiji


Looking for Sushi in Tsukiji? Head to Sushi Zanmai Honten!

If you would like to eat fresh sushi in Tsukiji, Sushi Zanmai Honten is one of the best possible choices. The chef purchases the seafood he needs from trusted wholesalers in Tsukiji Market. This article provides information also on the various types of sushi that one can taste at Sushi Zanmai.


There’s More than Sushi at Tsukiji! Try Kitsuneya’s Horumon-don

The Tsukiji area is famous for its fish dishes, but visitors can enjoy various other types of food also. At Kitsuneya you can taste delicious donburi (rice bowls with meat). Eating while standing is a 'fast-food' habit that has been continued since the Edo period, that is why a meal at Kitsuneya promises to be a new cultural experience.


Superb Ramen At Inoue, Tsukiji Market Workers’ Special Spot

Ever wondered where do the people who work at Tsukiji Market have their meals? Inoue is a ramen shop popular among them. It is also a place where everybody is welcomed as a local, so do give it a try when you are in the area.


Masterfully Made Omelets at Yamachō in Tsukiji

You probably never imagined yourself eating omelets on a stick, unless you know the many types of omelets that the specialty shop Yamachō makes. Seeing how the skillful chefs handle their utensils in order to make these delicious, easy to eat dishes, is an attraction in itself.

A visit to Tsukiji Fish Market is a chance to understand the amazing amount of skill and dedication of the people who sustain the Japanese cuisine by providing the best quality seafood in the shortest time. The charm of a visit to Tsukiji Market can be enhanced by everything you can experience in the area - from sightseeing to dining and mingling with the locals. Do take the next opportunity to marvel at this fascinating place that is Tsukiji Fish Market!


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