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Four Things to Do When Visiting Shrines in Japan

Four Things to Do When Visiting Shrines in Japan

Translated by Miki Takeshita

Written by Takuro Komatsuzaki

2014.06.22 Bookmark



At shrines, you need to clean your mouth and hands before visiting inside. Chozu is a conventional manner that makes you get in mood of praying before god.

■ “Chozu”: The Way to Clean Yourself at Shrines in Japan


Bowing and Clapping

When praying or making wishes, you have to keep to "Ni-rei Ni-hakusyu Ichi-rei(二礼二拍手一礼)" rule of bowing and clappings.

■ Bowing and Clappings at Shrines in Japan


Enjoy the Omikuji

Blessing or curse on your piece of paper foretells your yearly fortune.

■ Drawing Fortune at Shrines in Japan (1/2)


Tie the Omikuji

To show gratitude toward god, Japanese tie the omikuji to "Musubi-dokoro(結びどころ)".

■ Drawing Fortune at Shrines in Japan (2/2)

To Sum up

How was it? We hope you enjoyed learning these manner when visiting shrines. Please try it out when you've come to Japan! We are waiting for you from the bottom of our heart.



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