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Apartment Rental in Japan - 5 Providers To Choose From

Apartment Rental in Japan - 5 Providers To Choose From

Written by Tuure Kinnunen

2016.09.18 Bookmark

If you plan to stay in Japan for a month or longer, it is recommended you rent a room or an apartment. We have complied a list of apartment rental companies. Compare their services and choose the one to your convenience.

As an increasing number of people travel to Japan with the kind of activities on their agendas that require them to be in the same city for longer than a few weeks, the types of accommodation facilities in Japan have evolved accordingly. Staying at a hotel for a month or two is often out of question due to the high prices, while renting an apartment is simply too bothersome and often legally impossible, as landlords will demand a mid-to-long-term visa and proof of employment.

Enter apartment rental. Apartments for rent, also known as monthly mansions, are furnished, all expenses included type of apartments that allow you to live like a local. We have listed here five of the largest monthly mansion providers in Japan.

Japan Apartment


Image from Japan Apartment

Japan Apartment lists 650 rooms in central Tokyo for international visitors to choose from. With most of the rooms located close to the nearest station, their rents are hovering at around 120,000 yen per month with some exceptions for larger rooms. On top of the rent, budget another 20,000 yen for utilities. Beware, though: if you blast your air conditioning on full for a whole month, an extra bill may await in the end! The apartments are fully furnished and no deposit or key money are needed.

Official Website: Japan Apartment

Tokyo Monthly 21


Image from Tokyo Monthly 21

Located exclusively in the country’s capital, Tokyo Monthly 21 offers slightly more hotel-esque stays with their 460 apartments around the Tokyo area. As compared to Japan Apartment, Tokyo Monthly 21 offers the possibility to stay on a weekly or monthly basis. Fully furnished and all units equipped with free Wi-Fi, expect to pay a bit more monthly as the prices start from approximately 99,000 yen and stretch out to 177,000 yen per month.

Official Website: Tokyo Monthly 21



Image from Mystays

The Mystays group has three branches, among which the Flexstay Inn and Monthly Resi Stays are intended for visitors wishing to stay for an extended period of time. Flexstay Inn has 14 properties in the Metropolitan Tokyo Area. Mystays also comes fully furnished with all necessary amenities for daily living.

For a two-person room the price can climb up to 500,000 yen per month in central Tokyo for a Flexstay Inn apartment. Prices are available only through individual inquiry for the Monthly Resi Stays. The downside for Mystays is that in addition to being somewhat expensive, it only lists two properties under the Monthly Resi Stays brand that is especially designated for monthly stays.

Official Website: Mystays



Image from Leopalace 21

Those who have ever considered coming to Japan for a mid- to long-term period of time have probably heard about Leopalace upon searching for accommodation. It is a giant in the scene: with 195 offices globally, you are sure to find their apartment complexes in any major Japanese city. While the apartments might appear to be plain in their decorum, they serve their purpose with many international visitors being attracted by their convenience and the relatively cheap rents. Leopalace 21 gives out rent details only through individual inquiry, but the monthly rent tends to be between 70,000 to 100,000 per month, depending on the location and the duration of stay.

Official Website: Leopalace 21

Weekly Apartment LiVEMAX


Image from Weekly apartment LiVEMAX

By the looks of the website, Weekly Apartment LiVEMAX has previously concentrated on serving Japanese-speaking clients. However, they now offer a much more simpler site in English as well, advertising 6500 rooms and apartments for rent in all of Japan’s large cities. The apartments look new, stylish and functional. Various contract types are available to suit individual needs, from 7 days to 7 months and upwards.

Depending on the location, expect to pay approximately 60,000 per week per person or 195,000 per month. If your visa allows you to stay longer, the price will go down in tandem. Rent a room for 7 months or more and the monthly rent goes down to 150,000 yen per month. The rooms are completely furnished, with all utility expenses included, including Internet. Bedding is an optional extra!

Website: Weekly Apartment LiVEMAX

In Conclusion

With its large population, Japan still suffers from the image of being very expensive and thus many end up abandoning the thought of going for a longer trip, even when it would actually be possible budget-wise. The greatest advantage of renting an apartment is not having to worry about guarantors or getting a special work or student visa. Considering all the expenses that one would normally face, renting an apartment for a month or for a week is in fact very affordable for a mid-term stay.  

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The information presented in this article is based on the time it was written. Note that there may be changes in the merchandise, services, and prices that have occurred after this article was published. Please contact the facility or facilities in this article directly before visiting.

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