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Enjoy Delicious Wagyu Beef in Shibuya at Han no Daidokoro

Enjoy Delicious Wagyu Beef in Shibuya at Han no Daidokoro

Enjoy Delicious Wagyu Beef in Shibuya at Han no Daidokoro

Translated by Matteo Giuberto

Written by Allie

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Wagyu is a high-quality type of beef specific to Japan, which is popularly enjoyed as a grilled dish ("yakiniku"). In this article we introduce Han no Daidokoro, a yakiniku restaurant in Shibuya, that is popular for its great quality Yamagata wagyu beef!

Translated by Matteo Giuberto

Written by Allie

One of the greatest joys of traveling to Japan is tasting the local cuisine, which is hard to find and to cook in other parts of the world. While sushi and ramen are popular Japanese dishes that anyone should taste in their country of origin, there are still plenty of other various foods made with local ingredients that can be enjoyed at their best right here in Japan.

One of the Japanese foods that we warmly recommend to the international visitors to Japan is grilled wagyu beef. Once you taste this dish you will be able to understand why the locals love meat, and especially beef dishes, so much.

What is Wagyu Beef?


Wagyu beef is obtained from several Japanese breeds of cattle, raised with the utmost care and special breeding techniques. With "wa" meaning "Japanese", and "gyu" meaning "cattle", the term "wagyu" refers to a limited category of cattle, which produce high-quality "marbled" meat. Marbled meat has a high content of unsaturated fat, which make its taste delicious and account for its quality of "melting in one's mouth".

The best way to enjoy wagyu beef is at yakiniku restaurants, where the customers grill the slices of raw meat to their liking, using the small grills set on each table.

In this article I will introduce Han no Daidokoro, a yakiniku restaurant conveniently located in Shibuya, close to the famous scramble crossing and the statue of Hachi, the faithful dog.

Han no Daidokoro - Yakiniku Specialty Restaurant in Shibuya


Han no Daidokoro is located on the 4th floor in Dogenzaka Center Building, in the Dogenzaka area of Shibuya, a 2 minute walk from the scramble crossing. It is a restaurant specialized in yakiniku - grilled meat, offering also Korean side dishes.


Han no Daidokoro is a spacious restaurant, with table seats, counter seats, as well as private seats. Customers who come in groups can enjoy grilling the meat they ordered using the special grills found on each table. The staff will be more than happy to assist international visitors with explanations in English on how to use the grills.


The specialty dish that Han no Daidokoro is famous for is their Yamagata wagyu beef, which is beef from cattle raised in Yamagata prefecture of Tohoku region, an area well-known for its rich, beautiful nature.

As a big fan of yakiniku, I just had to try the famous wagyu dishes of Han no Daidokoro during my one-month stay in Tokyo, so allow me to introduce the highlights of my visit to this great restaurant.

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