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Visit Junk Street For A Deeper Akihabara Experience

Visit Junk Street For A Deeper Akihabara Experience

Translated by Takuya Erik Watanabe

Written by Akihito Usui

Tokyo 2017.07.14 Bookmark

Akihabara is known for its anime-related shops and electronic stores. But that's not all to this city. If you're looking for a deeper Akihabara experience, head to the ever-changing "Junk Street".

Akihabara is known for its anime centers and shops, like Animate and Toranoana along Chuo Dori street, as well as its many electronics stores, like Yodobashi Camera right by JR Akihabara Station. But if you're looking for something more, we recommend you head to a back alley away from the main street.

Today we're introducing an area commonly known as Junk Street; an alley that stretches from Chuo Dori-intersecting Kuramaebashi Dori to the Akiba Culture ZONE.

Junk in Akiba: Computer Parts Galore

A few steps into Junk Street and you'll start to see shops with items spread out outside of their doors. The types of merchandise found here at Junk Street aren't the ordinary kinds of goods found at a normal electronics retail store. You'll find computer parts and accessories that are difficult to find at bigger shops. There are keyboards and cords, and loads of things you can't even tell what they're used for. This is the junky side of Akihabara.

Some goods aren't even packaged. Nice and junky.

This shop's slogan is, "The second cheapest shop in Akihabara." You won't find impressive stores like this one anywhere else.

More Than Just Computer Items: Miscellaneous Fun Goods

Junk Street isn't just about computers and technology. You'll find various mysterious items lining shop shelves here as well. Some goods will come in handy in your daily life, while other items are just plain weird.

These shops don't always stock certain genres of items. Here's a takoyaki-themed game and a genuine yakiniku kit. You can even find some truly unusual alarm clocks, fans, and other items you won't know how you lived without here.

Take a Break at a Junk Street Food Joint

We've shared the many electronics and miscellaneous goods to be found in Junk Street, but the area is actually full of restaurants and cafes as well. You can choose from a traditional soba restaurant or bento joint, try out some curry, or take a break at a nice cafe.

This soba restaurant and bento joint are squished in between electronics shops. While the computer accessories sold at the stores around them are ever-changing, the delicious taste of these traditional dishes continues to be offered here.

At CAFÉ EURO you can enjoy over 20 different types of ice cream and gelato. You can also get your ice cream without entering the shop, so it's a great place to get some to-go treats.

Akihabara's Junk Street is never the same. When a new computer is released, or when the season has changed and a different unusual toy becomes available, the items you find will always be different. You'll never get tired of Junk Street's unique atmosphere.

There's much more to Junk Street than introduced today. How about heading to Junk Street to find your own favorite shop?


Akihabara Junk Street
Address: Tokyo, Chiyoda, Sotokanda 5 Chome Area
Hours: Depends on store
Closed: Depends on store
Credit Cards: Depends on store
Nearest Station: JR Akihabara Station
Access: 3-minute walk from JR Akihabara Station's Akihabara Electric Town Exit

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