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Weather-Appropriate Fashion For Tokyo In May

Weather-Appropriate Fashion For Tokyo In May
  • Weather-Appropriate Fashion For Tokyo In May

Translated by Lester Somera

Written by Kunihisa

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Read this article to know exactly what clothes to pack in your suitcase when visiting Japan during the month of May!

Recommended May Fashion for Men: Short Sleeves and a Light Coat (Shirt)


Dressing in May is simple for men. As long as you have a cotton shirt that’s suitable for going out, long pants, and a coat to ward off morning and evening temperature shifts, you’re in the clear!


Another perfectly suitable May outfit is a short-sleeved shirt, layered with a thin long-sleeved shirt.

Other Points to Remember

Pleasant weather conditions will continue through May, and because the Golden Week holiday happens during the first week, the number of people out on vacation will skyrocket all of a sudden. Tourist spots will be flooded with people, and there may be traffic congestion or delays on public transportation. If you don’t like dealing with traffic or have planned a tight schedule, be forewarned.

Golden Week in 2017 is from May 3rd (Wednesday) to the 7th (Sunday). Heavy traffic is likely from 4/29 (Saturday) to 5/2 (Tuesday), as well. In addition, places like Mt. Takao and other valley areas will have colder weather, so pay attention to the features of the areas you plan to visit.

Finally, we wrote the above information about the weather for people who are coming to the Kanto area. If you plan on visiting Hokkaido or Okinawa, you can expect very different conditions.

Use this article as a reference, and have a pleasant May holiday in Japan!

**This article was translated from Traditional Chinese.

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