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Tokyo Weather In July And August - Recommended Summer Clothing

Tokyo Weather In July And August - Recommended Summer Clothing
  • Tokyo Weather In July And August - Recommended Summer Clothing

Translated by Lester Somera

Written by Kunihisa

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Summer weather in Tokyo is very hot and humid. We introduce recommended clothing items and accessories for July and August.

When thinking about summer in Japan, wearing a yukata and checking out a fireworks festival, powering up with seasonally-limited eel dishes, and challenging the summit of Mount Fuji are a few of the things that leap to mind. For people taking a summer vacation in July and August to visit Japan, we’d like to recommend appropriate clothing and accessories. Use this article as a reference and enjoy Japanese summer!

*Kanto area temperatures in July 2015: Average temperatures of 25.0 °C, highs of 29.2 °C, lows of 21.8 °C.
*Kanto-area temperatures in August 2015: Average temperatures of 26.4 °C, highs of 30.8 °C, lows of 23.0 °C.
*Kanto consists of the prefectures of Ibaraki, Tochigi, Gunma, Saitama, Chiba, Tokyo and Kanagawa.

Kanto Weather in July and August


July and August in Japan are the hottest months of the year, and it even stays hot at night. In addition, this is the season for typhoons. During this time, naturally you should stay hydrated, and also avoid staying in the sun for long periods of time. When you go out, make sure to take measures to protect yourself from the heat. Since these months are also comparatively humid, we recommend light, breathable clothing.

Recommended Fashion for Women 1: A Loose Top, Comfortable Pants and Sandals


This cool outfit is coordinated in light colors. Not just stylish, it also refrains from trapping heat. Pairing a loose top and comfortable pants will prevent you from sweating and feeling stuffy. Also, there are often sudden squalls during the afternoon in July and August, so wear sandals that will be fine even when wet.

Recommended Fashion for Women 2: A Hat, Sleeveless Top (With A Thin Shawl for Cold Days) and Shorts


Japan’s sunlight rivals that of any other country! Temperatures in July and August reach highs of 35°C. Even if you have your eyes closed, the powerful UV rays could damage your eyes, so have a stylish hat on hand and match it with a cool sleeveless top and shorts for that Japanese summer style.


Keep a light, thin UV-treated shawl with you to prevent feeling chilly in air-conditioned rooms and on trains. When you go outside, wrap it around your waist or drape it around your shoulders for a stylish touch.

Recommended Fashion for Men: A Light, Thin Long-Sleeved Shirt, Comfortable Pants and Sneakers


In the summer, air conditioning will be at full blast in indoor venues, making it somewhat chilly. However, the oppressive heat outside makes it hard to regulate body temperature, which can cause you to catch cold. That’s why we recommend light long-sleeved shirts for men. Roll up your sleeves when outdoors, then roll them back down to ward off the cold when indoors.


If you’re not used to wearing long-sleeved shirts, naturally the simple T-shirt and shorts combo is fine too.

Recommended Accessories: A Hat and Sunscreen


A hat and sunscreen are essential when going outside! These days, in addition to sunscreen lotion, spray-on sunscreen is available. so you can choose the product you need. With sprays, it’s easy and convenient to protect those often-overlooked spots like your hair, the backs of your knees and your heels (avoid spraying sunscreen into your face directly - spray some onto your palm and rub it on your face).

This information about temperatures is for people coming to the Kanto area, and is very different in Hokkaido and Okinawa. If you’re going to one of these places, look up the temperatures at your destination.

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