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Lolita Fashion × : Super Kawaii Collaboration in Yoyogi Park

Lolita Fashion × : Super Kawaii Collaboration in Yoyogi Park

Translated by HashimotoAkane

Written by HashimotoAkane

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Under the beautiful, soft sunlight in the famous Yoyogi Park in the Harajuku area, there the cute Lolitas stood, holding red candy apples.

Under the beautiful, soft sunlight in the famous Yoyogi Park in the Harajuku area, there the cute Lolitas stood, holding red candy apples.

Candy Apples Meets Lolita Girls

Candy apples are one kind of sweets popular in Japan; it's literally an apple dunked into candy. Many countries use it for sweets in Halloween, while here, it is often sold as one of the standard sweets at traditional festivals called “Ennichi(縁日)”. There is one unique website deeply related with these candy apples. It shows numerous photos of beautiful and cute girls holding the candy. A strange character with a red "apple face" also appears. The name of this website is “” (*1). “A crying child will scream, an exploding candy apple site” is the slogan of the site.

(*1) “ringoame(りんご飴)” is Japanese of candy apple, “ringo” stands for “apple” and “ame” for “candy”.

The other element, Lolita fashion, is a prominent trend in Harajuku street fashion and has gained the recognition of the whole world. These two unique cultures collaborated and held an interesting photography event in Yoyogi Park. I will report about the event in this article.

This is Mr. Fujishiro, the photographer of “”. He talks to Lolita models so that they can relax while shooting, so his photos are very natural and beautiful. It's surprising that he and the other staff of “” are making candy apples all by themselves. It must be hard to bring them for photo-shoots because those candies are a bit heavy.

This is Misako Aoki, the president of Japan Lolita Association. (*2) Misako-san is the charisma behind Lolita fashion. Working as a Lolita model and the president of The Japan Lolita Association, she also works as a real nurse. She gathered cute Lolitas for this photography event.

(*2) Here is another article about Misako Aoki.

Charisma of Lolita World – Misako Aoki’s Interview

Kawaii Lolitas

Although there maybe no other examples of collaborations between candy apples and Lolitas, all of the Lolita models couldn’t stop saying, “kawaii!” Because the red color of candy apples are a very good accent in Lolita fashion it makes Lolitas look prettier.

It also creates a more fairy-tale-like atmosphere. One of the Lolita models also said this collaboration of candy apples and Lolitas is unique because both are part of Japanese culture but general people may not be able to imagine this wonderful collaboration.

All Lolita models who participated into this event put on their loveliest Lolita clothes to match with the candy apples. The staffs of “” seemed to be happy to see such kawaii Lolitas! One of the models coordinated her Gothic style clothes imagining the red of the candy apple and black.

During the photography event, Lolita models also enjoyed talking to each other.

One Scene from Fairy Tale

When the Lolita models gathered together, the surrounding atmosphere dynamically changed and the whole scene seemed like a page from a fairy tale. Walking along Yoyogi Park, talking and smiling, the photographer shot numerous photos. The picture below is one unique scene, taking photos of Lolitas fighting with each other using the candy apples!

“Lolita Fashion × Candy Apple” must be the cutest collaboration ever. We took many wonderful photos this day. If you are interested, please check them at “”!

Photos by: りんご飴 [] – 泣く子が叫ぶ爆発りんご飴サイト


Lolita Models:

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