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【Interview】Charisma of the Lolita World – Misako Aoki’s Two Faces

【Interview】Charisma of the Lolita World – Misako Aoki’s Two Faces

Translated by HashimotoAkane

Written by HashimotoAkane

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Every Lolita fashion lover know of Misako Aoki, the charisma of Lolita fashion.

Every Lolita fashion lover know of Misako Aoki, the charisma of Lolita fashion.
Her popularity is not only growing in Japan, but many other countries have also started to take notice of her.
She is a charismatic Lolita model and the president of the Japan Lolita Association(*1). On the other hand, she also works seriously as a nurse.
We interviewed her about her works and thoughts.

(*1) The Japan Lolita Association is an association active in spreading Japanese Lolita fashion and connecting Lolita fans from all over the world. Their main activities are sending out the latest news about Lolita, nominating Kawaii ambassadors throughout the world and planning Lolita tea parties. (Reference: The Japan Lolita Association)

(Photo: Japan Lolita Association)

- First off, please introduce yourself.

I’m the president of the Japan Lolita Association, a Lolita Model, and a nurse, too.

- You have so many jobs …! What is the difference between being the president of the Japan Lolita Association and being a Lolita model?

As the president of the Japan Lolita Association, I’m active in spreading Japanese Lolita fashion to the world. When I’m working as a model, I’m considering that I have to be the icon of Lolita fashion. But the basics are almost the same.

- I know that you often go overseas as the president of the Japan Lolita Association to participate in tea parties. How often do you go to other countries now?

The numbers depend on the season, but I go overseas at least once a month. Sometimes, I go abroad three times a month. Currently, I already have plans to go abroad in October and November.

- Wow! You’re so busy! You are also consistently nominated as the Kawaii ambassadors in various countries. Do you have any activities planed for the Japan Lolita Association in the future?

The Japan Lolita Association was built last year and this March was its first anniversary. We only have about five thousand members and about half of our members are foreigners. There are very few Japanese fans. Lolita fashion is very popular in other countries, but not so much so in Japan… unfortunately it is even starting to decline a bit. For that reason, I want more and more Japanese people to know about Lolita fashion through my book, “Lolita Fashion Book,” (*2) a book I took one year to complete. So, my objective of this year is to promote my “Lolita Fashion Book” and Lolita fashion.

(*2) The book specializes in Lolita fashion supervised by Misako Aoki. It was published on March 26 in Japan. In the following month, on April 20, she held an autograph session. MATCHA also reported and interviewed about the book!

Not Only a Lolita! Misako Aoki’s Another Face

- When you go overseas, is it okay for you to put aside your duty as a nurse?

It’s okay. My company understands my situation well.

- Do you work as part-time nurse?

Yes. A nurse needs national qualifications and of course, I have them, so I can work as a nurse whenever and wherever. It means that I can keep the balance. Sometimes, I have to stay overseas for about one or two weeks, but I work as a nurse during those times when I'm in Japan.

- Do you have a regular ratio between being a Lolita and a nurse?

It’s about fifty-fifty. Of course, it differs from month to month, but I've decided that it should be about fifty-fifty.

- It must be difficult.

Everyone seems to say the same thing, but you know, there are a lot of women who manage house work, raising children and working full-time. Compared to such people, my life isn't difficult to manage at all.

- Oh, really? But I also guess that working as a nurse is a very serious job.

Yes. Being a nurse is totally different from being a Lolita. As a nurse, I have to be responsible, because I take care of other peoples' lives. For that reason, I always change my mindset from a Lolita to a nurse.

Lolita and Nurse: Two Worlds

- Have you seriously thought that you should choose only one job, Lolita or nurse?

Yes. I’ve thought about that during the turning points in my life, for example, when I graduated from the university. But, every time I start to think about it, Lolita-related events and opportunities always appear in front of me. It drives me to assume that it implies “don’t retire from being a Lolita” …

- Do you mean that you will retire being a Lolita someday in the future?

Yes. Because I’ve worked a lot as a Lolita, I feel like, “I have enough”! I think that I should retire from it someday. I want younger models to take my place.

- So, you'll graduate from being a Lolita and only work as a nurse?

Yes. And while I work as a nurse, I also want to marry and raise children.

- When is the most serious situation while you keep the balance between a Lolita and a nurse?

I’m okay now, but when I started working as a nurse, I worked late hours, even through the middle of the night, and it caused rough skin. Sometimes, it's still hard to keep my skin beautiful because a nurse uses many kinds of chemicals; moreover washing my hands many times makes it difficult to manage good skin. It’s a little hard because as a Lolita model, I need to keep my skin pretty.

- According to your blog, you also appear on the catalog in nurse uniforms as a model?

Yes! I turn to being a nurse model even now and then; and now, I’m working on making a new nurse uniform. It has many ribbons.

- Ah! Amazing! I want it!

The public can check it out if you request the catalog (laughs).

- Do you have any other plans to collaborate nursing and Lolita?

I want to do welfare activities specialized on women such like Pink Ribbon and campaign of uterine cancer. Lolita fashion stands out because it’s like a princess, and every girl longs to be one. But Lolita is not well known yet and its social standing is also a bit low. So, I want to change it by doing welfare activities wearing Lolita clothes and I hope many more people will become aware of this fashion, and that its social image will be improved.

 ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄

Misako Aoki shows us both faces: a Lolita and a nurse.

I hope everyone who read this article, no matter you knew about her or not, might now have an interest in Lolita fashion, the workings of a nurse and the beautiful Misako Aoki.

She is wearing the prettiest clothes in the world and works hard as a nurse.
We can’t take our eyes off her!


Japan Lolita Association:
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