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Taste Delicious Freshly Ground Matcha at Kagurachaka Petit, Asakusa

Taste Delicious Freshly Ground Matcha at Kagurachaka Petit, Asakusa

Translated by Jay Issei Karslake

Written by Sawada Tomomi

Tokyo 2016.09.23 Bookmark

Kagurachaka Petit is a store in Asakusa that offers freshly ground matcha tea! You can use it as a topping to parfait sweets, or to give a special flavor to drinks such as sake of beer.

A cafe where you can enjoy fresh matcha (green tea) was opened in the summer of 2016 in Asakusa, one of Tokyo's famous tourist locations. The name of the store is Kagurachaka Petit Asakusa store. You can taste matcha that's freshly ground everyday using the chausu (tea grinding handmill, *1) in the store. You will notice for yourself that the freshly ground matcha tastes better and has a more vivid color in comparison to common matcha. Let's try it! *1: Chausu …a stone mill used to grind tea leaves into matcha.

Taste Freshly Ground Matcha


This is the tea grinding mill used at the store. A delicious aroma drifts from the tea leaves ground on the spot.


Pay attention to the tea's beautiful green color as well. Matcha tea is immediately affected when exposed to light and air, and it will soon change color. Freshly ground matcha has a vivid green color and a truly rich flavor.


1 teaspoon (162 yen, tax included)

Kagurachaka Petit Asakusa store offers the freshly ground matcha as a special topping. 1 teaspoon is 162 yen with tax. If you add it to sweets, drinks, or other cafe menus you can further enjoy the fragrant matcha.

Make Your Own Parfait!


Kagurachaka Parfait (648 yen, tax included). Picture courtesy of Kagurachaka Petit Asakusa store

The appeal of Kagurachaka Petit Asakusa store is not only the freshness of its matcha. The Kagurachaka Parfait (648 yen with tax) offered from 12:00 -17:00 is a menu item that we would really like you to try. The Kagurachaka Parfait is a unique sweet, as you can pick the toppings you like and customize it. Make your own original parfait by selecting five out of a total of 21 available toppings. The toppings include homemade gelato, fruit, pudding, shiratama (small mochi rice cakes), and more.



We chose matcha pudding, matcha gelato, anko (red bean paste), fresh cream, and oranges. To order the parfait, you have to circle your five preferred toppings on the order sheet and take it to the register. This delicious parfait will sooth your body and soul. Use your favorite toppings and make a parfait that's only one in the world. You can only eat this parfait between 12:00 - 18:00 (last order at 17:00).

Enjoy Matcha Flavored Alcohol in the Evening


Matcha mojito (540 yen with tax). Picture courtesy of Kagurachaka Petit Asakusa store


Matcha salt potato chips (324 yen with tax)

Kagurachaka Petit Asakusa store offers parfaits as their main dish during lunch time. In the evening, between 18:00 - 22:00, they offer alcoholic beverages and become a "matcha bar". There are drinks using matcha such as "matcha beer" and "matcha cocktails". There are also Matcha Potato Chips as a snack. Matcha sprinkled on the potato chips results in a sweets - salty, delicious taste.


Matcha beer (648 yen with tax)


Oil sardine garlic (756 yen with tax)

Matcha beer (648 yen with tax) is a cocktail made of beer and liquid matcha. The scent of matcha slightly lingers in the drink, resulting in a refreshing, aromatic beer. Since it's mixed with matcha, it's an extra smooth drink. There are various snacks and appetizers on the menu that go perfectly with alcohol. After a tiring day in Asakusa, how about coming over to Kagurachaka Petit Asakusa store and enjoy your evening with a matcha beer or cocktail.


Picture courtesy of Kagurachaka Petit Asakusa store Kagurachaka Petit Asakusa store is extremely popular with both domestic and international visitors, and is a 1 minute walk from the large discount store Don Quijote Asakusa store. Take out is usual, but there are also some seats available to eat in the store. How about visiting Kagurachaka Petit Asakusa store and enjoying the world's freshest matcha?

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