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Okutama Day Trip From Central Tokyo

Okutama Day Trip From Central Tokyo

Translated by Tomoka Aono

Written by Jumpei Kawashima

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Okutama area in the western part of Tokyo is where you can enjoy outdoor activities and Japan's nature. Located two hours by train from central Tokyo, learn what to do with a recommended trip itinerary for a one day trip.

Relax Amid Tokyo's Natural Scenery

Okutama Day Trip From Central Tokyo

Okutama Lake

Okutama, located in the western part of Tokyo, is a place richly endowed with nature where you can enjoy stunning landscapes and outdoor activities like nowhere else in Tokyo.

Okutama is easily accessible from the center of Tokyo via a 2-hour train ride, so it's a good destination for a day trip. Here is the information on things to do in the Okutama area, how to access it, and a sample itinerary for your Okutama trip.

8:00-10:00 - Leave from Shinjuku Station! (1,080 yen)

Picture courtesy of JR East

Shinjuku Station is where you should start your trip. If you take the JR Chuo Line and Ome Line from Shinjuku station, you will arrive at Okutama Station within 2 hours.

If you are traveling on weekends and holidays, you can take the Holiday Express Okutama, which will take you directly to Okutama Station.

The fare for this train is the same as the one for local trains, but it takes only one and a half hours to get to Okutama. They make three round trips a day between Shinjuku and Okutama, so you may want to consider taking the Holiday Express Okutama if it fits your schedule.

Picture courtesy of JR East

Picture courtesy of JR East

Okutama Day Trip From Central Tokyo

This majestic mountain view welcomes you at Okutama Station. Let’s explore the area!

10:00-11:30 - Explore the Hatonosu Valley Area

Hatonosu Valley was created by the Tama River, which flows between the mountains in Okutama. If you see the landscape from beside the river, you can capture the whole image of the vast mountains, which are overwhelming.

If you stroll around the area, you will find a bridge. It takes about five minutes on foot from Hatonosu Station, which is two stations away from Okutama Station. Visitors can enjoy the refreshing atmosphere in nature.

Hatonosu Valley Map

12:00-13:30 - Lunch at Hikawa International Trout Fishing Spot (4,000 yen)

Five minutes on foot from Okutama Station is Hikawa Kokusai Masu Tsuriba, or the Hikawa International Trout Fishing Area, where you can experience fishing in the wild. The fishing spot is a vast calm stream, so everyone can enjoy fishing.

All the fishing equipment you need is available for rent. Get a fishing rod and bait and let’s try fishing! You can enjoy fishing for the whole day if you get One Day Pass (3,200 yen).

You can have your trout grilled at the barbecue house nearby. The staff can prepare and cook the fish for you so that you can eat them on site.

After you eat your fill, let’s move on to the next spot.

14:00-15:00 - Explore the Nippara Limestone Cave (700 yen)

Take a bus from Okutama Station for 35 minutes to Nippara Shonyudo, or Nippara Limestone Cave, which was created over hundreds of years. The temperature inside the cave stays about 11 degrees Celsius, making it cool in summer and warm in winter.

You can see icicle-like limestone stalactites inside the cave. These stalactites have been growing little by little until now. The trail goes up and down like a maze, which is very exciting. You will surely feel the magnificence of nature in this cave.

16:00-17:00 - Relax at Moeginoyu (800 yen)

Photo Credit: Moeginoyu

After walking around all day, you may want to relax at Moeginoyu hot spring, which is 10 minutes from Okutama Station. It is said this hot spring has a soothing effect.

Photo Credit: Moeginoyu

The open-air hot spring has incredible views of beautiful Tama River and the mountains. You can enjoy the landscapes that change every season.

Photo Credit: Moeginoyu

A foot bath is also available at Moeginoyu. If you use the hot spring, you have free access to the foot bath, but if you want to experience only the foot bath, it’s 100 yen and is a good place to allay your fatigue.

Okutama is a great tourist destination with beautiful nature. It takes only two hours to reach it from Shinjuku Station, so how about visiting it on your holiday?

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