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Kansai International Airport - Basic Information

Kansai International Airport - Basic Information

Translated by Allie

Written by Sawada Tomomi

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Kansai International Airport is the main hub for western Japan and close to Kyoto and Osaka. Learn about the services and facilities of KIX, as well as how much it costs to get to Osaka from here and information on the nearest hotels.

Use the Kansai International Airport when Heading to Kyoto and Osaka!

Kansai International Airport serves as a gateway to the western part of Japan. It is the first floating airport in the world constructed on an artificial island in the middle of Osaka Bay as well as the first airport in Japan which remains open for 24 hours. This article will provide more information about Kansai International Airport and its facilities.

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Basic Information about Kansai International Airport


Kansai International Airport handles 170,000 passengers per year which makes it the biggest international airport in the western part of Japan. It has two operating airline terminals; terminal 1 was built in 1994 when the airport was open and terminal 2, which was open for use by low-cost carriers (LCC) in 2012. It is about 50 kilometers away from downtown Osaka which makes it readily accessible by car, train and high-speed ferry.

The defining characteristic of Kansai International Airport is its construction. The first floor is used for international arrivals, the second floor is for domestic arrivals and departures, the third floor offers restaurants and stores and the fourth floor is for international departures. Unlike other airports, you can transfer from international to domestic flights by traveling vertically from floor to floor, which definitely makes it much easier to make sure that you are going in the right direction.

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Recommended Transportation Options From Kansai International Airport

osaka station

There are various ways to travel from Kansai International Airport to cities nearby. Out of those, we will introduce ones which bring you all the way to your destination city without any transfers.

If you are planning to visit Osaka, Kyoto and Nara, or you are going to take a shinkansen (Japanese bullet train), your destination should be JR Osaka station. Traveling from Kansai International Airport to JR Osaka station takes you 75 minutes by Kansai Airport Rapid Service (JR Kanku kaisoku) for a cost of 1190 yen. The color of this JR ticket office is gray with a blue stripe and its ticket gate is also blue.

Kansai Airport Rapid Service doesn’t operate many times per day however, so if you are just planning to visit Osaka, it is better to travel to Namba Station. In order to reach Namba Station, you should take a Limited Express Rapid train operated by the Nankai Electric Railway which takes 40 minutes and costs 1430 yen. Its train ticket office is gray with a red stripe and its ticket gates are also red.


We also cannot forget about the Kansai Airport Limousine Bus service. Here is a list of offered destinations and the expected travel times and costs:
- Osaka Umeda Station in 60 minutes for 1550 yen
- Universal Studio Japan in about 70 minutes for 1550 yen
- Kobe in about 65 minutes for 1950 yen
- Kyoto in about 85 minutes for 2550 yen
- Nara in about 85 minutes for 2050 yen

In addition, getting to other airports is also easy: Osaka Itami Airport in about 70 minutes for 1950 yen (by Kansai Airport Limousine Bus) and Kobe airport in about 29 minutes for 1850 yen by high speed ferry.

If you are going to be taking trains multiple times during your trip, you may consider buying the Kansai Thru Pass. This pass allows you to take unlimited rides on transportation operating in the Kinki area within a certain validity period. Please check the details of this pass, including its prices and validity period in advance as they are subject to change.

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Convenient Hotels Near Kansai International Airport


Many hotels are found around Kansai International Airport. Out of these, now we will take a look at those hotels which offer free shuttle bus services and are also easy to access by train.

Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport

Price per night:4750 to 45,144 yen
Feature: directly connected to Kansai International Airport
Travel time from Kansai International Airport: Within the Kansai International Airport (5 minute walk)
Method: on foot

Star Gate Hotel Kansai Airport

Price:6000 to 47,935 yen
Feature: Directly connected to Rinku Town Station
Travel Time from Kansai International Airport: About 5 minutes by JR, or about 10 minute bus ride by free shuttle bus
Method: JR or free shuttle bus service (charged at night)

Kansai Airport Washington Hotel

Price: 5000 yen to 15,400 yen
Feature: 24/7 convenience store provided within hotel
Travel Time from Kansai International Airport: About 8 minutes by JR or Nankai Electric Railway (3 minute walk from Rinku Town Station) or about 10 minute bus ride by free shuttle bus
Method: JR, Nankai Electric Railway, free shuttle bus service

Kansai Airport Spa Hotel Garden Palace

Price: 6480 yen to 32,400 yen
Feature: equipped with hot spring tubs
Travel Time from Kansai International Airport: 15 minute bus ride by free shuttle bus
Method: Free shuttle bus service


Price: 4700 yen to 31,000 yen
Feature: equipped with public bath tubs
Travel Time from Kansai International Airport: About 10 minute train ride by JR (1 minute walk from JR Hineno Station) or 20 minute bus ride by free shuttle bus
Method: JR or free shuttle bus service

Wi-Fi Services Provided in Kansai International Airport


Most people wish to stay connected during their trip. Fortunately, a free WiFi service is offered at Kansai international airport. Its network name is "Free WiFi@KIX" which can be connected within terminal 1, 2 and AEROPLAZA. Moreover, you can find areas equipped with ethernet cables here should you require a more secure connection.

Please take full advantage of everything Kansai International Airport offers and enjoy your trip to Kansai!

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