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Haneda Airport Guide: Useful Facilities And Hotels Near The Airport

Haneda Airport Guide: Useful Facilities And Hotels Near The Airport

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Written by Sawada Tomomi

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Also known as the Tokyo International Airport, Haneda Airport is the only international airport found in Tokyo. This article features basic information about the facility, adjoining hotels and how to use the Wi-Fi service offered at the airport.

Haneda Airport - The Only Airport within Tokyo

The Tokyo International Airport, commonly known as Haneda Airport is the biggest airport in Japan. The international terminal of this airport opened in 2010 and quickly brought Haneda up in the ranks to become the fourth busiest airport in the world. In this article we will take a closer look at the facilities in and around Haneda.

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Basic Information about Haneda Airport


About 66.7 million people use Haneda Airport every year. Unlike Narita International Airport, located in Chiba prefecture, Haneda is located within Tokyo itself, which is more convenient for travelers. It is really easy to travel to the center of Tokyo; it is accessible via the JR and Keikyu railways, as well as by limousine bus. The terminals at this airport are also open 24 hours a day and have been given the affectionate nickname ‘Big Bird’ by locals. There are many shops and restaurants here, a planetarium cafe and even a free art museum inside - people who aren’t even traveling come to Haneda to make use of these amazing facilities!

As there are this many facilities, Haneda is quite a large airport and it can be easy to get lost within it if you are not careful. We highly recommend picking up a map of the airport before you start looking around inside so that you don’t get lost or lose track of time looking for the place you wanted to visit.

Best Routes from Haneda Airport


As we mentioned above, it is really easy to travel to the downtown areas of Tokyo from Haneda airport. There are many options to choose from: a limousine bus that runs every 20 minutes or trains that depart every few minutes. This time, we will focus on how to travel from Haneda to the Shinjuku area.

Limousine Bus

Where to get on: Platform 5 on the first floor for Terminal 1 and 2; Platform 3 on the first floor for the International terminal
Where to get off: Shinjuku Station West Gate Number 23
Travel time: About 35 to 60 minutes
Price: Adult 1230 yen, Children 620 yen (Midnight to 4:59-Adult 2000 yen, Children 1000 yen)

By Keikyu Airport Line (Towards Keikyu Kamata) and JR Yamanote Line (Towards Shibuya/Shinjuku)

Where to get on: Haneda Airport Domestic Terminal Station
Where to change trains: Shinagawa Station
Where to get off: JR Shinjuku Station
Travel time: About 33 minutes
Fare: 601 yen

Tokyo Monorail (Towards Hamamatsucho) and JR Yamanote Line (Towards Shinagawa/Shibuya)

Where to get on: Tokyo Monorail Haneda Airport Terminal 1 Station, Terminal 2 Station and International Terminal Station
Where to change trains: Hamamatsucho Station
Where to get off: JR Shinjuku Station
Travel time: About 50 minutes
Fare: 684 yen (Monorail 490 yen, JR 194 yen)

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Recommended Hotels Near Haneda Airport


Not only is it easy to reach the center of Tokyo from Haneda, but there are plenty of hotels in the area to choose from that provide free shuttle bus service. However, if you want to have the absolute easiest commute, we recommend staying at one of the hotels adjoining Haneda Airport. If you stay within the airport, you don’t have to be bothered with traveling about with your luggage, nor do you need to worry about your departure or arrival time, or travel time at all.

Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu

Price: 7668 up to 45,276 yen
Features: connected to the terminal building; great views of planes and Tokyo Bay.
Place: located in front of the departure lobby (2nd floor) of Terminal 2

Royal Park Hotel THE Haneda

Price: 7700 up to 41,500 yen
Features: opened in 2014; directly connected to International terminal building.
Place: connected to the departure lobby (3rd floor) of the International terminal.

FIRST CABIN Haneda terminal 1

Price: reasonable, short stays possible
Features: Luxury Capsule hotel
Location: first floor of Terminal 1

About WiFi Available in Haneda Airport


It is almost a necessity to have free wireless internet access during your travels, and Haneda Airport offers its own easy to connect to service “HANEDA-FREE-WIFI”. After arriving at the airport, open the Wi-Fi setting on your phone and look for the wireless signal “HANEDA-FREE-WIFI”. You will need to register for its service via the “NTT BP” screen, where you will need to accept their terms, input your name and email address, and check the security level. Then you are ready to go!

Haneda Airport offers both convenience and entertainment. Why not take advantage of their numerous facilities during your next trip?

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