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Area-Based Selection of Tokyo's Popular and Reasonable Hotels

Area-Based Selection of Tokyo's Popular and Reasonable Hotels

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As a major city, Tokyo has plenty of accommodation facilities to choose from, with the most popular areas being Shinjuku, Shibuya, Roppongi, Asakusa and Ueno. This article introduces reasonable places to stay in these popular areas.

Where to Stay in Tokyo?

Tokyo offers various types of hotels, such as luxury hotels, business hotels, reasonable guesthouses, as well as capsule hotels.

Out of those options you are sure to find the perfect place to stay, based on your budget and purpose of stay in Japan. In this article we will introduce our recommended hotels found in the Shinjuku, Shibuya, Roppongi, Asakusa and Ueno areas.

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A huge station, JR Shinjuku Station has seven exits in total: South Gate, New South Gate and South East Gate located above ground, East Gate, Central East Gate, West Gate and Central West Gate located underground.

As you need to choose which exit you should get out from according to where you are heading to, please check this article in order to find the right exit for you.

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Hotels Near Shinjuku Station West Exit

Image from Find the Hotel For You! Shinjuku West Exit's Top 5 Hotels

Shinjuku station’s west exit is a place with many high buildings and luxury hotels reaching to the sky, which will definitely let you experience the modern side of Tokyo. The Washinton Hotel and Kadoya Hotel have been welcoming travelers for a many years in this part of the city. All of the basic amenities you need for your stay are provided.

If you wish to stay at a luxury hotel, how about Hilton Tokyo? Hilton Tokyo offers a dessert buffet service which is really popular among sweets fans.

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Hotels Near Shinjuku Station South Exit

Image from 4 Recommended Hotels Near Shinjuku Station South Exit

The Shinjuku station south exit is an area filled with shopping malls such as LUMINE, MYLORD and Flags. If you like shopping, why not stay near the south exit?

Recommended hotels here are business hotels, such as Sun Members Tokyo Shinjuku which offers Wi-Fi service and Hotel Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku.

Anshin Oyado, which is a luxurious capsule hotel equipped with a large public bath, is another great option in the area.

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Image from4 Restaurants With Amazing Night Views In Roppongi (Japanese)

Roppongi is a really attractive area as it offers not only shopping malls such as Roppongi Hills and Tokyo Midtown but also works of art such as the National Art Center Tokyo, the Suntory Museum of Art and the Mori Art Museum.

Various hotels, from luxury hotels like The Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo and the Grand Hyatt Tokyo to comfortable business hotels such as Hotel The b Roppongi are all available here.

Why not have a meal at one of the many famous restaurants in Roppongi where you can get to see stunning night view instead of ordering dinner in your hotel?

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Image from Access? Pricing? Safety? Shibuya's Top 5 Hotels!

Shibuya, where not only international but also domestic travelers always visit, gives you many options to choose from.

There is an abundance of accommodations available in Shibuya, from business hotels like the Shibuya Tobu Hotel and Tokyu Stay Shibuya Shin Minami Guchi to designer hotels such as Shibuya Granbell Hotel, all of which are pretty reasonable to stay.

In addition, there is a ladies-only capsule hotel available in Shibuya called Nadeshiko Hotel Shibuya. It is the best option for shopping lovers as you can save up for shopping by spending less money on accommodation.

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Image from Khaosan, Asakusa, Tokyo: A Renovated Love Hotel!

In Asakusa, ryokan, or traditional Japanese inns, as well as hostels and guesthouses whose interiors have been decorated in Japanese style attract international visitors.

One of the most unique hostels offered in Asakusa is Khaosan World Asakusa Ryokan/Hostel. You can choose your room from three types: hostel, ryokan or love hotel.

Fashionable guesthouses such as Tokyo Hikari Guesthouse and Sakura Hostel Asakusa are also quite popular with international visitors.

Even more, Asakusa offers ryokan such as Sukeroku No Yado SADACHIYO which has been running their business for many years.

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Image from Hotel Villa Fontaine Ueno - Great Service, Great Price!

Ueno, which is pretty close to Tokyo station and the Asakusa area, has a lot of interesting attractions to entertain you such as museums and a zoo.

Since many international travelers visit Ueno, hotels in Ueno hire staff who can speak English and other languages, including Chinese and Korean.

Recommended hotels in Ueno are the Dormy Inn in Ueno-Okachimachi and Hotel Villa Fontaine Ueno, which are business hotels from which you can also view Tokyo SkyTree.

We also recommend Oak Hotel where you can meet friendly staff and Candeo Hotels Ueno Park which is located near Ueno Park and offers a great breakfast menu.

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How to Make a Hotel Reservation

When you want to make a hotel booking, you should go to either to the hotel’s website or to a hotel booking website such as or

Some traditional hotels and ryokan might not accept credit card payments, so please make sure to have cash with you just in case.

By finding the perfect place to stay, you’re sure to get the most out of your trip to Japan. Good luck!

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