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Unbelievably Fresh Vegetables In Tokyo! Explore Aoyama Farmers Market

Unbelievably Fresh Vegetables In Tokyo! Explore Aoyama Farmers Market

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The Aoyama Farmers' Market in Omotesando is a great place to pick up the freshest seasonal vegetables!

Translated by Lester Somera

Written by IshizawaYoshinori

I Want to Eat In-Season Vegetables!

Thanks to advances in cultivation techniques, you can now buy vegetables in Japan without thinking about whether or not they’re in season. Having said that, it feels as though growers are forcing the issue in some respects. You may hear actual farmers saying things like “these vegetables don’t taste like anything” or “freshly picked in-season vegetables are best.”

If you’re going to eat vegetables, wouldn’t you rather look forward to the taste of the seasons? For example, summer vegetables will soon make their appearance.

Juicy red tomatoes, lustrous purple eggplants, crisp spiky cucumbers, fresh okra - the list goes on and on. But where can you buy these vegetables?

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