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Best Shopping Spots In Kamakura: From Markets To Malls

Best Shopping Spots In Kamakura: From Markets To Malls

Translated by Greg

Written by Jumpei Kawashima

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Kamakura boasts many historical sites, temples and shrines, but it is also a great place to shop for souvenirs! This article introduces the best shopping spots in Kamakura, where you will find unique items to remind you of your trip!

Kamakura Shopping Spots

Kamakura is a place where traditional Japanese homes and streets still remain intact. It's a small area packed with historic sites, temples, shrines and other sightseeing spots, making it a popular tourist destination that attracts visitors from both outside and within Japan every day.

Some of the appealing shopping areas in Kamakura are Komachidōri, Onaridōri and Walk Ōmachi. We also recommend looking for souvenirs at small, independent novelty goods stores that sell items not found anywhere else!

This time we'll introduce you to the ideal shopping spots in Kamakura.

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Komachidōri: When Shopping in Kamakura, This is the Place!

Komachidōri is a shopping arcade just minutes from the east exit of JR Kamakura station. The arcade extends a distance of 360 meters and eventually meets up with Tsurugaoka Hachimangū at its far end.

You can wander around and sample various kinds of food in the shops that line both sides of this shopping street. Everything from rice crackers and other Japanese confectioneries all the way to takoyaki (a deep fried batter-ball filled with octopus pieces) can be found here, so we recommend trying some of this Japanese food.

In Komachidōri, there are many original-style miscellaneous goods shops. If you just casually drop into one of these shops you just might find a really interesting souvenir. There are various genres so let's drop into some of these stores and have a look.

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Onaridōri: Where All the Locals Gather

Onaridōri is located right near the west exit of Kamakura station. In contrast to tourist-oriented Komachidōri, Onaridōri is a shopping area popular with the locals that has a friendly, unpretentious atmosphere.

This area doesn't feel touristy at all. There are cafes with a relaxed atmosphere where you can take refuge from the outside world, and sophisticated miscellaneous goods stores. So while mingling with the locals let's wander around a Japanese-style shopping arcade.

Walk Ōmachi: Experience the Flavor of Kamakura

Walk Ōmachi is a mini shopping complex just ten minutes on foot from Kamakura station. It's comprised of two buildings; a townhouse and a renovated old home, and inside there are a total of eight shops. The stone-paved paths in the area are reminiscent of a European neighborhood.

Books Moblo

There are many unique shops inside, including an udon noodle shop called Goto Udon Sarah and a bookstore that focuses on books from Japan's rural areas, Books Moblo.

As a new place of interest here in historic Kamakura, Walk Ōmachi is attracting a lot of attention, so by all means go take a look.

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Let's Find Some Original Souvenirs

In Kamakura there are many small, privately-managed shops. And they all sell highly original goods! Now we'll introduce you to some of the recommended miscellaneous goods shops.

Syoca: Picture Books And Novelty Goods

Syoca is only 3 minutes on foot from Enoshima Electric Railway's Hase station and is a shop specializing in picture books and unique novelties.

The picture books have simple stories written in hiragana and would also make the ideal souvenir for someone who's just started to learn Japanese. For those who are thinking of studying Japanese but haven't started yet, there are books translated into English as well.

We heard that the distinctive goods on display were made by Japanese craftsmen. They are a curious blend of Japanese elements combined with a modern design. If you're the kind of person who's looking for a Japanese souvenir different from what other people usually buy, then Syoca would like you to drop by and visit their shop.

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Kamakura Moyai Kōgei: Craftworks from all Parts of Japan

Kamakura Moyai Kōgei, just 5 minutes on foot from Kamakura station's west exit is a shop specializing in Japanese craftworks. The shop focuses on pottery and earthenware from different regions of Japan such as Akita in the north and Okinawa in the south.

All the pieces sold in the shop are superb and carefully crafted by artisans! These products, made with traditional techniques and ingredients found in various regions of the country, are essentially valuable works of art.

The reasonable prices are another attractive feature of Kamakura Moyai Kōgei's products. They are beautiful and can be easily introduced into your daily life, so definitely go for a visit and see craftworks from many parts of Japan.

Kamakura has a wide array of shopping options; markets, local shopping arcades and shops selling novelty goods. So while experiencing the flavor of historic houses and streets and other remnants from the past, you can also enjoy shopping!

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