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Japanese Skincare And Cosmetics To Try! Available From Drugstores

Japanese Skincare And Cosmetics To Try! Available From Drugstores

Translated by Jay Issei Karslake

Written by Mayu

2020.06.05 Bookmark

Cosmetics and beauty products are some of the most popular souvenirs from Japan. A wide variety of good quality and cute items can be picked up at drugstores all across Japan.

Recommended Japanese Cosmetics - Find at Drugstores and Online

Japan boasts great quality cosmetics and beauty and self-care products. There are so many different brands of products for beauty care or make-up available in stores all across the country! The most popular places that carry a wide variety of these products are drug stores, variety goods stores, and other shops all across Japan. They are also available online in many cases on Amazon Japan.

Read on and find some affordable and cutely packaged cosmetics that would make a special souvenir or a great pick-me-up for anyone looking to try something new.

DHC Lip Cream - Moisturization in an Adorable Tube

Price: around 800 yen (tax included)

DHC’s Lip Cream protects your lips using plant-based moisturizing ingredients such as virgin olive oil and aloe vera extract. It is highly effective, light, and a best seller in Japan. Another feature of these lip creams is that they often come in adorable, limited-edition decorated tubes.

This all-day moisturizing lip cream is so popular that many stock up on it whenever it goes on sale. Decorated tubes with Disney characters and Sanrio designs are especially well-loved and add a playful touch to your daily routine.

DHC Lip Cream can be found at convenience stores and drug stores nationwide, as well as online on Amazon Japan.

Sekkisui - High-Quality Skin Care at Seven-Eleven

Price range: 300 yen - 1200 yen

Sekkisui is a high-quality, yet affordable, skincare brand sold in-stores at Seven-Elevens across Japan. Sekkisui products are made by Kose, a well-known Japanese cosmetics brand. It is the sister brand of Kose’s long-selling skin whitening product, Sekkisei.

In the Sekkisui line, an oil-based cleanser, face wash, toner, emulsions, and other products are available. The face wash, "White Washing Cream," costs around 500 yen (before tax), and is the most popular of these products.

The face wash gives a very refreshing sensation after use, despite being such a reasonably priced product. It is a favorite of many and a fun product even for travelers to bring home.

Sekkisui is sold at Seven-Eleven stores nationwide, in drug stores, and some products are available online on Amazon Japan (link leads to the White Washing Cream).

Fancl's Mild Cleansing Oil

Price Range: 1,050 yen and up-
Fancl is an additive-free cosmetics brand in Japan. They sell not just basic cosmetics, but also offers makeup products and nutritional supplements as well. Fancl is most popular among customers who wish to take care of their overall health and those with sensitive skin or allergies.

We recommend Fancl's Mild Cleansing Oil for those interested in trying this brand. This gentle cleansing oil protects your skin's smoothness while clearing off even heavy makeup. Your skin will feel very refreshed without feeling dry. You can purchase this cleansing oil online at Amazon Japan or in stores throughout Japan.

Yo-jiya's Oil Blotting Papers

Price range: 300 yen - 3.000 yen
Yo-jiya is a Kyoto-based cosmetics brand that started in 1904. The store has branches in Shibuya as well as at Haneda Airport. You can also find the product on Amazon Japan.

Their most well-known product, the oil blotting paper, makes for an ideal souvenir or treat for yourself as they are quite compact. Yo-jiya also sells skincare products made with natural ingredients, traditional Japanese colored lipsticks, and even their own line of cosmetics tools.

Japanese Face Masks

Picture from 5 Souvenirs From Tokyu Hands You’ll Want To Show Off To Your Friends. Price range: 300 yen-1000 yen
These sheet masks sold at Japanese drug stores and shops like Tokyu Hands, Don Quijote, and drugstore across Japan come in all varieties and have different effects, such as skin whitening and intensive moisturizing. All have different price ranges and come in different sizes. One popular choice is the Japanese rice-infused moisturizing mask from Keana Nadeshiko.

We also recommend the masks sold by the brand LuLuLun; these masks contain hyaluronic acid which helps to preserve your skin’s natural moisture level. You can purchase LuLuLun masks on Amazon Japan.

If you are looking for something cuter, character masks featuring all types of designs, like these Hello Kitty face packs, are a great idea, too.

Collagen and Nutritional Supplements

supplements in japan

Price range: 1,000 yen to 5,000 yen. Photo by Pixta
Collagen, nutrition, and health care supplements and drinks of all kinds are sold by famous Japanese food and cosmetics makers like Shiseido, DHC, FANCL, and Meiji. Large drug stores sell many different brands of collagen and collagen-infused products, and you can also find them at stores like Don Quijote. If there are a few that you’d like to try, why not pick them up as souvenirs for yourself?

The Collagen Drink by Shiseido: See on Amazon Japan
Collagen Supplements by DHC: See on Amazon Japan

Kobayashi Pharmacies’ Attonon

Price range: 1,300 yen -

Attonon makes it harder for burns, bug bites, and bruises to leave a permanent mark on your skin. Small cuts and scrapes from careless accidents can be prevented from leaving a lasting mark on your skin once you apply this product.

There are currently four product types on sale: a transparent gel, cream, concealer, all of which are available at drugstores nationwide and on Amazon Japan.

Makanai Cosmetics

Picture from Japanese Beauty: Makanai Cosmetics In Kagurazaka
Price range: 1,000 yen-5,000 yen

Makanai Cosmetics is a brand that sells cosmetics made from ingredients long available in Japan such as sponge gourd, rice bran, konjac, Japanese paper, and red beans.

Makanai cosmetic products and their formulas are all said to be made at Kanazawa's Kinpaku main office. It is said that the women working there originally created these products as a means of protecting their skin from harsh working conditions, the formulas were then mass-produced and became the brand Makanai itself.

The Japanese styled packaging and the gentle feeling of the products when you use them are what make them the perfect souvenir. The frozen konjac sponge for exfoliating and this cherry blossom-scented hand cream are our recommendations. You can find these products in stores and available online.

Kyoto Chidoriya

Price range: 1,000 yen-5,000 yen

Kyoto Chidoriya is a natural cosmetics brand that manufactures its products using plants found in Japan. There are stores in both Tokyo and Kyoto, and an English online store is also available.

Their Peach Moon Herbal Face Water is highly recommended; it’s a perfume that is made from distilled peach tea leaf water with a naturally preserved grapefruit seed extract. There are no additives in this product and in many products from Kyoto Chidoriya.

Coupons for Shopping at Drugstores in Japan

If you shop in-person at either COSMOS Drugstore or Sapporo Drugstore, two chains in Japan, you can save yen when shopping on cosmetics with the coupons below. This will allow you to try out some of the products in this article for a reasonable price.

At certain COSMOS Drugstore locations, this coupon code allows shoppers up to 7% off their purchase, and a sales tax exemption (for those with a tourist visa). Simply display the coupon and its barcode to the cashier before paying at check-out.

This coupon for Sapporo Drugstore entitles holders to up to 5% off their total purchase on daily goods and medicine, as well as a sales tax exemption (for those with a tourist visa).

Main image by Pixta

The information presented in this article is based on the time it was written. Note that there may be changes in the merchandise, services, and prices that have occurred after this article was published. Please contact the facility or facilities in this article directly before visiting.

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