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Japanese Cosmetics - The Perfect Souvenirs From Drug Stores

Japanese Cosmetics - The Perfect Souvenirs From Drug Stores

Translated by Jay Issei Karslake

Written by Mayu

2016.10.29 Bookmark

Cosmetics and beauty products are some of the most popular souvenirs from Japan. A wide variety of good quality and cute items can be picked up at drug stores all across Japan.

Popular Japanese Cosmetics as Souvenirs

Japan boasts great quality cosmetics and beauty care products. There are so many different brands of products for beauty care or make-up available in stores all across the country! The most popular places that carry a wide variety of these products are drug stores, variety goods stores, and other shops all across Japan. Please note however that not every item is carried at all stores, and some may not be available at all times.

Today let’s head out and find some affordable and cutely packaged cosmetics that would make great souvenirs.

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Lip Cream

Price range (1 bottle): 756 yen (tax included)

DHC’s Lip Cream protects your lips using plant based moisturizing ingredients such as virgin olive oil and aloe vera extract.

This all day moisturizing lip cream is so popular that some stock up on it whenever it goes on sale, and their limited edition Disney character tube designs are especially well loved. DHC Lip Cream can be found at convenience stores and drug stores nationwide.

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Face Wash Exclusive to Seven-Eleven: Sekkisui

Price range: 300 yen-1200 yen

Did you know that there is a collaboration between Kose, a Japanese cosmetics brand and Seven-Eleven, a convenience store chain, selling high quality yet affordable cosmetics?

Their product is called Sekkisui and is the sister brand of Kose’s long-selling skin whitening product, Sekkisei. In the Sekkisui line, a face wash, perfume and milky lotion are available. The ‘White Face Wash Cream’, costing 460 yen (before tax) is the most popular of these products.

Its reputation for providing a refreshing sensation after use, despite being such a reasonably priced product, has made it especially popular with international customers, some of whom buy it in bulk to give to friends and family overseas.

Sekkisui is sold at Seven-Eleven stores nationwide and in drug stores.

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Fancl's Mild Cleansing Oil

Get Popular Natural Cosmetics At FANCL Ginza Square

Price Range: 1050 yen -

Fancl is an additive free cosmetics brand born in Japan. They sell not just basic cosmetics, but also offer make up products and supplements as well. Fancl is most popular among customers who wish to take care of their overall health, and those with sensitive skin or allergies.

We recommend Fancl's Mild Cleansing Oil as a souvenir. It protects your skin's smoothness while clearing off even heavy make up. Your skin will feel refreshed all they way.

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Yo-jiya's Oil Blotting Papers

Find High-Quality Japanese Souvenirs At Shibuya Hikarie ShinQs

Price range: 300 yen-3000 yen

Yo-jiya is a Kyoto-born cosmetics brand that started in 1904. Now there are stores even in Shibuya as well as at Haneda Airport.

Their most well-known product, the oil blotting paper, make for an ideal souvenir as they are quite compact. Yo-jiya also sells skin care products made with natural ingredients, traditional Japanese colored lipsticks, and even their own line of cosmetics tools.

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