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Naha Airport: Basic Information on Facilities and Access to the City

Naha Airport: Basic Information on Facilities and Access to the City

Translated by Lester Somera

Written by k_yamamuro

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In this article, we'll introduce you to the gateway to Japan's leading resort area: Okinawa's Naha Airport. We've put together a guide for services available at the airport, and how to get to the city center from the airport.

Japan’s Leading Resort Area! If You’re Going to Okinawa, Go Through Naha Airport!!

Okinawa, the nation’s southernmost prefecture, is also the country’s leading resort area. The gateway to Okinawa is the place we’ll be introducing today: Naha Airport. We’ve put together a convenient guide to the airport which also explains how to get to the heart of the city.

Basic Information about Naha Airport


Naha Airport sees over 18,000,000 visitors a year (2015 figures) from domestic and international routes. Located five kilometers from the Kokusai-dori (International Street) at the heart of the center and 10 kilometers from the World Heritage site Shuri Castle, it is very convenient for sightseers.

16 companies operate out of the international terminal, including China Eastern Airlines and China Airlines, and Naha Airport is currently connected to 10 Asian cities, like Shanghai, Taipei, Seoul and Hong Kong. From the domestic terminal, which connects airports all over Japan, there are many flights to Okinawa’s outlying islands like Ishigakijima and Miyakojima.

The airport interior has money exchange counters and ATMs for cash withdrawals. The departure lobby in the international terminal has a duty-free shopping area where you can pick up bottles of famous Okinawan sake, foreign brand-name cosmetics and more.

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The Naha Bus Terminal

To travel from Naha Airport, there is an airport limousine bus that stops at the major hotels on Okinawa’s main island, as well as several bus routes that go to various places in Naha City. The Airport Ashibina line, which goes to the Okinawa outlet mall, the Gushikawa line and the Ginowan Airport Line all allow for easy access to the heart of Naha City.

The bus terminal is on the first floor of the domestic terminal, and is accessible on foot via the multi-story connecting bridge from the international terminal. Bus arrival and departure times vary by route, but on average, two buses leave every hour.

Okinawa Car Rental


Many people probably think about traveling around the island Okinawa by car. There is a car rental service in the bus terminal, which can even send a rental car from the airport to a place of business.

When renting a car, it is standard practice to return it with a full tank (though this may not apply with certain plans). Rental car prices vary by model and trip length, but a day-long rental is cheap, starting at 3000 yen. You should expect to spend around 6000 yen on average.

Using Wi-Fi in Naha City

Starting in 2013, the city of Naha has set up a free Wi-Fi service at 115 spots throughout the city, which can be used in areas marked with Naha City Free Wi-Fi logos. Naturally tourist spots like Shuri Castle Park and Kokusai-dori have access points, as well as places such as Naha New Port and Tomari Port. Wi-Fi access will surely be useful when shopping and looking for restaurants in Tsuboya, Chimun-dori and Heiwa-dori.

Access the Wi-Fi service by switching your device’s Wi-Fi on and connecting to the NAHA_City_Free Wi-Fi access point. You need to register an email address after connecting. While usage time is uncapped, the connection will drop every 30 minutes, so reconnect when that happens. In addition to Japanese, the service also supports English, Korean, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) languages.

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