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【KAMAKURA】Choose Various Forms of Transportation to Enjoy Your Stay in Kamakura More!

【KAMAKURA】Choose Various Forms of Transportation to Enjoy Your Stay in Kamakura More!

Translated by UCHACA

Written by Ito Kentaro

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There are various ways to get around the ancient town of Kamakura. Check out what options exist and what suit your need the best!

The Entrance of Kamakura

There are various forms of transportation and tourist information offices at the east exit of Kamakura Station. You should exit using the east exit gate if you haven`t decided on your plans in Kamakura yet.

east exit of Kamakura Station

There are a lot of tourist attractions in Kamakura.
If you can manage your transportation,you can go sightseeing with efficiency.

Enoshima Electric Railway(江ノ電/Enoden)

Enoden is a kind of retro train and is closely rooted to the community. You can enjoy the changing scenery of mountains, beaches, and the sea. Along the railroad line is the ancient city of Kamakura with 800 years of history.You`ll be able to understand that many people want to get on Enoden not only for transport, but more so to enjoy the view.


The places you can go by Enoden is...

  • Kamakura-Daibutsu in Kotokuin(鎌倉大仏殿高徳院)

【KAMAKURA】What Is "Kamakura-Daibutsu"?

  • Mushinnann()

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Enoshima Electronic Railway

JR Yokosuka Line

Taking the JR Yokosuka Line is very convenient to get to Kita Kamakura Station. From Tokyo ,Kita Kamakura Station is one station before Kamakura Station.

Yokosuka Line

The places you can go by Yokosuka Line is...

  • Engakuji(円覚寺)

【KAMAKURA】Touch a piece of Buddhism at Engaku-temple

  • Tokeiji(東慶寺)

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  • Coffee Shop Minnka

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By walking, you can find many things that you cannot find by getting on vehicles. The sights you can see will be limited but you may find your own favorites places.

Komachi Street

The places you can go by walking

  • Tsurugaoka Hachiman Shrine(鶴岡八幡宮)

【KAMAKURA】Where Kamakura Starts:"Komachi Street"

  • Hokokuji(報国寺)

【KAMAKURA】Secluded and Fascinating Bamboo Temple:Hokokuji

  • Itsuki Cafe(樹カフェ)

【KAMAKURA】"Itsuki Garden"the Cafe in the Sky


Jinrikisha will get you through Kamakura on a rickshaw. In Japanese they are called Jinrikisha which literally translates to human powered vehicle. A guide who takes you to places in Kamakura to learn of its history and buildings.


Jinrikisha Ebisuya(人力車のえびす屋 鎌倉店)

Rental Cycle

The way I highly recommend is going around Kamakura by bicycle.
There is a Rental Cycle Shop on the right side of East exit of Kamakura Station
Many narrow lanes, old shops and shrines are located along the road where the bus can't run. Therefore, I recommend this way and what`s more, this way is good for saving money and keeping yourself in shape.


The places you can go by bicycle are...

  • The sea in Kamakura

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  • Osaragi Saro(大佛茶廊)

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