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What Do Travelers Think Of Japanese Fireworks? Adachi Fireworks Report

What Do Travelers Think Of Japanese Fireworks? Adachi Fireworks Report

Translated by MATCHA_En

Written by Ramona Taranu

Tokyo 2016.08.18 Bookmark

Summer in Japan means fireworks, but just what do travelers visiting during this season think of these displays? Let's take a look at the Adachi Fireworks Festival through the eyes of visitors.

Japanese summers mean one thing: fireworks!! Wearing a yukata and watching the fireworks with family and friends is one of the things that everyone in Japan looks forward to do in summer.

Recently a great number of the spectators watching these Japanese festivals for the first time are tourists, visiting from all over the world. But just what do they think of these displays?

On July 23rd 2016, the Adachi Ward Fireworks Festival was held on the banks of the Arakawa River, and 40 guests staying at EMBLEM Hostel got together and went to watch this annual tradition. Today we would like to present you with the experiences that these international youths had at the Adachi Fireworks Festival.

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What are the Adachi Fireworks?

01 第30回足立区観光写真コンクールイベント部門特選「足立の花火」

Photo courtesy of Adachi Ward Tourism Exchange Association

The Adachi Fireworks is a fireworks festival held on the Arakawa riverbed in Tokyo's Adachi ward. With a 100 year long history, the Adachi Fireworks are traditionally the first large-scale firework display of the season in Tokyo.

It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that Tokyo's fireworks season starts with the Adachi Fireworks Festival. In one hour a continuous stream of 13,500 fireworks are set off, with a 300 meter wide "Extra-large Niagara" falling firework and the traditional "Golden Weeping Sakura" fireworks being two of the audience's favorites.

The 2016 Adachi Fireworks were made in collaboration with the Japanese entertainment company Avex Entertainment Inc., which had the fireworks shooting off in sync to music, the audience taking part by waving penlights and other fun activities. "So what kind of event was it?" We asked the participants staying at the Emblem Hostel.

Heading to the Festival with 40 Guests!


To appreciate this year's Adachi Fireworks Festival, we headed out with 40 guests staying at EMBLEM Hostel Nishiarai, located in Nishiarai, Adachi ward.

The EMBLEM Hostel is well-known for taking the initiative in helping visitors to Japan experience various aspects of Japanese culture and local events.

When they announced that they were going to watch the Adachi Fireworks Festival, they were excited to have so many people wanting to join in. In order to prevent anyone from getting lost both on the way to and from the event, the hostel held an information session and gave out flyers with the details to all the participants beforehand - all in English.


EMBLEM Hostel is located near Nishiarai Station while the fireworks were closest to Umejima station, only a single station away from one another. A 10 minute walk from Umejima station takes you right to the Arakawa riverbed.

The guests were all surprised by the sheer number of people that had come out to watch the fireworks! If you look closely, you can see blue sheets and crowds of people lined up on the other side of the river too.


The guests from the EMBLEM Hostel all arrived at the viewing spot safely.


The staff of the Emblem Hostel handed out drinks to everyone and explained how to best enjoy the fireworks. Having just learned of this custom for the first time, many of the guests thought this was quite novel.

And then it was time for the fireworks to start!

08 第30回足立区観光写真コンクールイベント部門入選「夜空の花火」

Photo courtesy of Adachi Ward Tourism Exchange Association

Gorgeous fireworks shot up from the launching area into the dusky sky!


The entire sky is covered with lights. Everyone seemed to have been lost for words at the beauty of the sight.


There were fireworks launched from the ground too! There were voices rising up exclaiming just how beautiful the fireworks were.


Suddenly fireworks in the shape of Mount Fuji appeared against the background of the city. The skills of the pyrotechnicians were greatly admired by all.

14 イベント 準特選「ライトシャワー」(低)

Photo courtesy of Adachi Ward Tourism Exchange Association

The grand finale of the festival was marked by the "Golden Weeping Sakura" firework.

This impressive firework has the sky filled with golden sparks that burst into the night sky like flowers blooming, then gently fall down to earth.

People were so moved that they couldn't speak - a sensation that can only be truly understood by those who were in attendance at the festival. When you've seen this festival once, you will look forward to seeing it every year, and will surely understand why summer in Japan means fireworks.

What Were Everyone's Impressions?


One hour passed like a dream and the firework display ended. While stopping by the night food stalls in the Sekihara Fudousan Shopping District, our guests returned to the hostel. We asked them what they thought of the fireworks festival.

A guest from Holland said that, when asked by the EMBLEM Hostel staff if they wanted to see the fireworks, they had no idea that the firework festivals were large scale national events. In Europe there are fireworks on national holidays, but these events usually only last for about 20 minutes and there aren't as many varieties of them set off.


The Emblem Hostel Guests who visited the 2016 Adachi Fireworks Festival

"There were so many people in one place, but everyone was being so polite and peacefully enjoying the fireworks. I can't imagine that happening anywhere but Japan!", was the response from one guest. It might even be said that firework festivals are one of the best ways to experience and understand Japanese culture.

In Closing

Regardless of whether you have been enjoying fireworks from your childhood or you experience them for the very first time when visiting Japan, fireworks festivals are truly moving encounters. Starting off the season with the Adachi Fireworks, wouldn't you like to watch one of Japan's incredible firework displays?

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Adachi Fireworks Festival

Location: Arakawa Riverbed
Time: Every year in the last half of July
Website: Adachi Ward Tourism Exchange Association

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