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Kamakura - Enjoy Stopovers And Wonderful Scenery On The Enoden Train

Kamakura - Enjoy Stopovers And Wonderful Scenery On The Enoden Train

Translated by MATCHA_En

Written by TakahashiChuya

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The Enoshima Electric Railway, or Enoden, is a charming train that winds it way through Kamakura, offering great vantage points of the ocean, historical spots, and of seasonal flowers too. This line is the best way to see Kamakura!


Photo by: Toshizoh on Flickr

The Enoshima Electric Railway, or Enoden as it's known to the locals, connects Kamakura Station and Fujisawa Station, covering a line about 10 km long in Kamakura, Kanagawa prefecture. This line may be small, but it runs through some of the most charming neighborhoods in Kamakura, and has great views to offer its riders all year long.

The Enoden is the best line to take if you want to visit all the popular, and a few hidden, spots in Kamakura!

A Leisurely Train Ride

While many may think of the 300 km an hour shinkansen trains when picturing Japanese train travel, the Enoden line runs at just 20 km an hour! Thanks to this incredibly low speed, you can even take photographs of the passing landscape from its windows.

Unlimited Day Ticket - Noriori Kun

If you are planning to sightsee from Kamakura to Fujisawa on a day trip, then you may want to purchase the special all-you-can-ride one day ticket, Noriori Kun.
It costs just 600 yen for adults and 300 yen for children, and grants you unlimited rides on the Enoden for that day.

Best of all, this ticket can be purchased at any Enoden station, so you should definitely pick one up!

Here Are Some of the Sights You'll See in Kamakura!

In just the short distance of five stations from Kamakura to Inamuragasaki Station, you'll find plenty of famous sightseeing and historical spots to enjoy. Here are just some of the places you'll find alone the Enoden Line.

Wadazuka Station


Just a 10 second walk from the station, Mushinan is a traditional style Japanese cafe built in a renovated old home. Here you can savor classic Japanese confections while listening to the trains run by.

Yuigahama Station

From: The Kamakura Museum Of Literature: Home Of Kamakura's Literary History

The Kamakura Museum of Literature, which appeared in a novel by Yukio Mishima, has had a great deal of influence on the literary history of the region, and is a recognized National Cultural Property as well.

Hase Station


Photo by: Ito Kentaro

Among the many well known sightseeing places near the station, Goryo Temple stands quietly. The combination of the neighborhood, torii gates and the trains is quite charming in the summer.

Gokurakuji Station


Photo by: Ito Kentaro

Jojuin Temple is a five minute walk from the station, and an ideal place to enjoy views of the sea. During rainy season in June, the hydrangea here are simply stunning too.

Inamuragasaki Station


Photo by: shinichiro saka on Flickr

From Inamuragasaki on a clear day, you can view both Enoshima Island and Mt. Fuji at the same time. Plus, the sunset views here are beautiful too.

Get the Right Seat and View the Ocean!

One of the best parts of riding on the Enoden is that you can view the ocean from its windows - but only if you get the right seat!

If you are traveling towards Fujisawa, sit on your right, and if you are traveling to Kamakura, sit on your left. Then you'll be able to see the ocean from the train clearly.

You might even consider making a stop at Kamakurakokomae Station, famous as a backdrop for the anime and manga Slam Dunk, to take a few photos of the ocean too.

Where to Find the Enoden

You can catch Enoden trains near the West Exit of Kamakura Station. Please keep in mind that JR Kamakura Station is a separate station.

Hours (from Fujisawa to Kamakura): first train 5:36, last train 23:49
Hours (from Kamakura to Fujisawa): first train 5:47, last train 23:03

**Hours may vary/change subject to conditions.

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