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Japonica Lodge in Asakusa - The Outdoor Gear Store Where You Can Stay!

Japonica Lodge in Asakusa - The Outdoor Gear Store Where You Can Stay!

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Written by Mikako Utsunomiya

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Japonica Lodge located near Asakusa Station shows you Japan's charms in a unique way. This article introduces the outdoor activity gear that you can find at Japonica Lodge, as well as their cafe and camping services!

Japonica Lodge, located one minute away from Tokyo Metro Asakusa Station is the ideal store for those who like outdoor activities.


Image courtesy of Japonica Lodge

In addition to selling outdoor products, they also let customers experience a camping-style stay and taste authentic Japanese tea. Moreover, they also offer travel information for whose who want to travel to the countryside, All these services make Japonica Lodge a unique and exciting outdoor store!

Japanese Tea Café - Japanese Style and Outdoor Style


The café on the first floor consists of two spaces; one space has tables and tatami chairs placed on white gravel and another is a showroom of Onway, a Japanese outdoor brand.


What you can try here is their high-quality Japanese tea. This cafe is the only one in eastern Japan that offers Kyoto Uji Wazuka Green Tea. The characteristic taste of Wazuka green tea, which is produced in Wazuka city, Kyoto, comes from the fog formed due to the temperature differences between night and day.


Image courtesy of Japonica Lodge

You can take part here in three kinds of Japanese tea workshops (2,000 yen with tax), where you can learn how to prepare Japanese tea. These workshops are highly recommended for whose who haven’t tried Japanese tea before. It is better to book in advance although it is possible to just show up and join the workshop without a booking.


If you find any tea you like, why not take it back with you as a souvenir? A wide variety of tea is available, such as sencha green tea (from 500 yen with tax), individually wrapped tea bags (440 yen with tax), sample packages (1,000 yen with tax), as well as seasonal blends. As they are delivered directly from the producers, you get to buy them at reasonable prices.


Image courtesy of Japonica Lodge

Sweets made with Japanese tea and matcha are also served here. All of the sweets will allow you to feel the taste of Japan. We highly recommend the shaved ice with deluxe tea syrup, whose charm is its rich tea flavored syrup, and "matcha madness" which consists of a matcha crepe with a filling of matcha ice-cream.
Shaved ice is offered for a limited time only (between June and October).


If you feel tired after exploring Asakusa, the Japanese tea and sweet treats served in Japanese traditional ware at this cafe will have a healing, refreshing effect on you.


In front of this cafe there is a street lined with sakura trees. The stunning landscape of cherry blossom can be seen through the window during the spring. Another charm of this space is the street full of rickshaws, a sight which is typical to Asakusa.

Enjoy Camping Inside!


Another feature of Japonica Lodge is the camping stay! You can have the feeling of an outdoor experience due to the tents put up inside. You can also find here equipment for outdoor activities, so it's the best place to try staying outdoors for the first time.


It costs 2,500 yen per person to stay. You can buy any camping equipment that you actually tried, and the cost of your stay will be deducted from the price.

Go to the 2nd Floor to Enjoy Japan's Nature!


On the second floor you will find leaflets offering information on national parks and nearby attractions.

National parks all over Japan offer superb views where you can feel wonder at the beauty of nature. Japonica Lodge exhibits pictures of seasonal landscapes which let you feel the appeal of each region. Why not plan out your next destination here?

Luckily information in English is also provided for international travelers.


The leaflets in English, which show the amazing scenery of the Japanese countryside, are made by an organization called The Most Beautiful Villages in Japan, which has been established to protect the beautiful rural culture. This floor is the best place to find information on authentic and historical landscapes in Japan.

The Items by Japanese Outdoor Brands


The products at Japonica Lodge are carefully selected by Mr. Akaho, the owner of the store. Japanese outdoor brands such as CROSTER dragon, which has a marketing base in Asakusa, are represented here. If you don’t know what to choose, please ask the store owner. He can also speak English and will be more than happy to introduce to you their items.

Have a great time in Japonica Lodge, where you can learn about Japanese culture and nature, as well as experience the technologies that Japan offers!

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