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Halal Sushi and Yakiniku Restaurants in Tokyo

Halal Sushi and Yakiniku Restaurants in Tokyo

Translated by Lester Somera

Written by OsawaKimie

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Tokyo has plenty of restaurants where Muslims can enjoy halal meals. We'll introduce some of these places, which serve halal yakiniku (grilled meat), shabu shabu, organic cuisine and more!

Halal Dining in Shibuya, Shinjuku and Ebisu


In Tokyo, there are plenty of places that cater to the dietary habits of observant Muslims, so they can relax and enjoy halal lunches and dinners. In the Shibuya, Shinjuku and Ebisu areas - known as hotspots for young people - you can find all sorts of halal-friendly restaurants, serving items like shabu shabu, yakiniku, Indian food, organic meals popular with those concerned with their health, and more.

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Asakusa Halal Restaurants


In Asakusa, a thriving tourist destination which is home to places like Sensoji Temple and Tokyo Skytree, there is a ramen shop that has been certified as halal-friendly by the Japan Islamic Trust. At Naritaya, customers can fully enjoy their popular ramen without having to worry about religious restrictions. The shop is even equipped with a prayer room for Muslim patrons. You can feel the Japanese spirit of hospitality in this little act of consideration.

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Halal Restaurants Around Roppongi


The Roppongi halal-friendly yakiniku restaurant Sumiyakiya was founded from the owner’s desire for Muslim visitors to be able to sample Japanese grilled beef. It’s said that even important figures in the Muslim community visit this famous restaurant for its delicious halal beef, which gets its savory taste from being prepared on disposable grills. Since the store atmosphere is no different from a regular Japanese yakiniku restaurant, we recommend this place for Muslim customers who want to have a truly Japanese yakiniku experience.

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Halal Restaurants Around Shinjuku


In Tokyo’s greatest shopping district, Shinjuku, restaurants serving food beloved by Muslim eaters, like ramen, as well as Turkish food, Thai food and Indian food are all clustered together. These places don’t just have halal ingredients; they also have multilingual menus, so how about spending a pleasant time with a meal in one of Shinjuku’s halal-friendly restaurants?


If you have some time to kill, it could also be fun to visit the karaoke spot Manekineko Yotsuya Yonchome. Sing with friends and family while gathered around a halal meal!

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Since for religious reasons, Muslim visitors can’t sample all of the food in foreign countries, many restaurant owners and shopkeepers in Japan have considered how to make their Muslim customers’ experiences a little richer. From these ideas, halal-friendly restaurants and cafes have gradually started to appear in Tokyo. Whether or not you’re a Muslim, you can sample food from a totally different dining culture at halal-friendly restaurants when in Tokyo, so seek them out and enjoy!

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