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5 Superb Ocean Views! Motonosumi Inari Shrine, Onigajo And Others

5 Superb Ocean Views! Motonosumi Inari Shrine, Onigajo And Others

Translated by Richard Perkins

Written by LIFE STYLE, Inc.

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With Japan being an island nation, you can see the ocean from almost every prefecture that you visit, and the views from these stunning coastlines are incredible. Here are five superb ocean views as seen through Google Street View.

Seashores, Bridges, and More! Magnificent Ocean Views in Japan

In Japan, there are many areas where you can enjoy magnificent views of the ocean. This beautiful coastline exists due to the many volcanoes present on the Japanese islands. This fantastic scenery, which helped form the roots of the unique Japanese culture is quite precious; it’s not a scenery that you could enjoy in other countries.

We’ll use Google Street View to show you the superb views from the ocean that are uniquely Japanese. But we won’t just show you the ocean views, we’ll also show you views containing shrines and bridges, all of which are fantastic sights built thanks to the land formations and the climate. Let’s enjoy these sights to the fullest!

1. Wakayama: The Shirasaki Seashore

The Shirasaki seashore was selected as one of Japan’s 100 most beautiful beaches. It’s known for being an outdoor spot where one can enjoy diving and camping.

Move your cursor on the screen above and then try clicking and dragging it. You’ll notice that the scenery changes and you’ll be able to feel as if you’re actually there.

This beautiful scenery sprung up out of geological formations from almost 250,000,000 years ago. The Shirasaki seashore in Wakayama prefecture, often referred to as the Shirasaki ocean park, is an area where you can enjoy an abundance of nature.

If you on stand on top of the rocks you’ll without a doubt be able to feel more deeply connected to this fantastic world. With the spirit of the sea and rocks, you’ll be able to slip into a sort of hallucination that you’ll feel throughout your body. For those of you who want venture out on to the rocks, though, be sure to take care and watch your step.

Shirasaki Ocean Park
Address: Wakayama, Hidakagun, Yura-cho, Obiki 960-1
Phone: 0738-65-0125
Website: Shirasaki Ocean Park (Japanese)

2. Iwate: Jodogahama Beach - A Natural Japanese Garden

Jodogahama in Iwate prefecture was, roughly 52,000 years ago, a bed of volcanic rock. By being left bare and untouched it eventually formed into a beach. The small Miyako Bay nearby also has calm flowing waters, which is why it has been known for a very long time as a beautiful seashore.

Jodogahama can be seen by riding one of the many sightseeing boats. The tranquil cove that contrasts with the violent reef next to the open sea is captivating. If you have time, I highly recommend taking a ride on one of the boats and seeing this area for yourself.

Of course, you can also enjoy this view from the seaside. The summer is when the sea is most calm. You can enjoy this superb scenery while having a walk through the transparent ocean water.

Jodogahama Beach
Address: Iwate prefecture, Miyako, Hitachihama-cho 32
Phone Number: 0193-62-2111
Website: Jodogahama

3. Mie: Onigajo - An Outstanding View

Onigajo in Mie prefecture is one of Japan’s natural treasures, a national monument that has also been designated a world heritage site. Hiking courses have been built here and it is now a tourist destination that’s easy for anyone to visit. Having been eroded away by the seawater, the protuberances on the ground here have formed into rocks. Onigajo, or the Devil's Castle, as it translates in English, is a fitting name for this craggy area.

This rock is known as the Shishi rock and makes quite an impression when looking up at it. It definitely feels like an area where a fierce animal would come flying in at. For those of you who’d like to know more, please refer to this article: Onigajō, Mie - A World Heritage Site Created by the Rocks and the Sea

Address: Mie, Kumano, Kinomoto
Phone Number: 0597-89-4111
Website: Onigajo (Japanese)

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4. Yamaguchi: Motonosumi-Inari Shrine

The Motonosumi-inari shrine in Yamaguchi prefecture was featured in the 31 most beautiful places in Japan on CNN in 2015.

The red shrine gates known as torii stretch out and wind slightly as if they were a snake, creating a truly Japanese landscape, and you can feel a fantastic beauty to them. For those who want more information about this fascinating shrine, take a look at Motonosumi Inari Shrine - The Hardest Shrine To Make An Offering At.

Motonosumi-Inari Shrine
Address: Yamaguchi, Nagato, Yuyatsuo 498
Phone Number: 0837-23-1137
Website:Motonosumi-Inari Shrine

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5. Yamaguchi: Tsunoshima-Ohashi - An Artistic Bridge

The Tsunoshima-ohashi is a 1780 meter long bridge that leads to an isolated island. The landscape that has been weaved together by this colossal bridge and the ocean is without a doubt something you can say is a work of art sculpted out of modern culture. The travel website Trip Advisor used its readers comments to rank all of the bridges in Japan back in 2015, and Tsunoshima-ohashi ranked in at number 1. In both the virtual world (the internet) and in reality this sightseeing bridge has made its way to being the best in Japan.


If you would like to know further details, please see The Emerald Green Sea Is A Magnificent Sight! Tsunoshima, Yamaguchi - A Must See Place.

Address: Yamaguchi prefecture, Shimonoseki, Hohoku-cho, Oazakanda, Tsunoshima
Phone Number: 083-782-1914
Website: Tsunoshima-Ohashi (Japanese)

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Let’s Enjoy the Ocean Views

Although Japan has a great number of beautiful coastal areas, those outlined in this article are some of the most popular and fantastical, and many of them you might not have even heard of before. There are thousands of other little-known spots in Japan that offer stunning views of the ocean too, so getting out and seeing the sights for yourself is key!

If you are planning a trip to Japan, please make a point out of heading to the coast and enjoying one of these stunning ocean views.

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