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Journey To The Mythological Land Of Nichinan In Miyazaki

Journey To The Mythological Land Of Nichinan In Miyazaki

Translated by Sandy Lau

Written by MATCHA

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How about riding the Umisachi-Yamasachi Express to fully enjoy the beautiful Miyazaki nature? We will introduce the lovely scenery you can see from the train, as well as the interior of the Umisachi-Yamasachi Express!

A Miyazaki Excursion on the Umisachi-Yamasachi Express

Miyazaki, located in southeast Japanese Encyclopedia: Kyushu RegionKyushu, is a very special area in Japan. Historic sites associated with Japanese mythology and places that have become scenes from tales remain throughout various areas in the prefecture.

This article will introduce the Umisachi-Yamasachi Limited Express that travels through Miyazaki. This is the dream train that many railway fans want to ride at least once. Let’s take the Umisachi-Yamasachi Limited Express together from Miyazaki Station and go on an excursion to the Nichinan coastline!

Beautifully Textured Obi Cedar Railroad Cars

The Umisachi-Yamasachi Limited Express is modeled after Umisachihiko and Yamasachihiko, two brothers who appear in Japanese mythology. It is composed of two railroad cars respectively named Umisachi and Yamasachi.

The train travels through the Nichinan area of Miyazaki. Miyazaki Station and Nango Station are connected by a one hour and 30 minute journey. The landscape along the railway line changes from one place to another, so you can expect to travel through thickly grown mountain trees, as well as along the beautiful Nichinan coastline.

The Umisachi-Yamasachi train utilizes both two person and single person seats for solo travelers. The interior is a basic light brown theme and is entirely decorated with wood - from the seats to the floor, and even other areas of the train as well.

Travelers can enjoy a pleasant journey brought about by the wide, comfortable spaces and a warmth unique to wood.

The interior design is also elaborately decorated with ornaments related to the legends of Umisachi-Yamasachi. You can freely take a guidebook from the bookshelves too, so it may be a great idea to plan out the rest of your journey as the train gently sways.

The train’s exterior utilizes local Obi cedar. It is a light, durable wood that was formerly used as lumber for boats.

Please don’t worry if you are not familiar with Japanese mythology. The train conductor will introduce the legends of Umisachi-Yamasachi using a handmade picture show at the front of the train as the train is running.

We also recommend the commemorative certificate that is distributed to all passengers!

To Obi With Glimpses of the Nichinan Coastline

Let’s not forget to enjoy the scenery outside after listening to the wonderful myths and stories! The Ogre’s Washboard, a wavy rock formation that is approximately eight kilometers long, is a famous location on the Nichinan coastline. The train will purposefully slow down while passing through this area.

The train conductor will make an announcement for passengers to take photos so that they can leisurely enjoy the mysterious work of Mother Nature. The conductor was very friendly and the train was filled with a delightful atmosphere during the writer's journey.

After passing by the beautiful scenery of the Nichinan coastline, the Umisachi-Yamasachi will slowly enter Obi Station. Obi, called the Little Kyoto of Kyushu, is a castle town where much of the architecture from the Edo period still remains. A fifteen minute walk from Obi Station will bring you to Obi Castle, which is ranked as one of Japan’s Top 100 Castles.

Many passengers stop over at Obi Station for this reason. Passengers that stay seated on the train during this time also need not worry. The train will stop at Obi Station for about ten minutes during which you can freely exit onto the station platform to purchase specialty products or souvenirs. The number of passengers that use Obi Station does not exceed more than 400 people per day, but you will surely be able to feel the positive hospitality from the area during your visit.

The pilgrimage to the Nichinan coastline on the Umisachi-Yamasachi train begins here! Now, let’s go onto a beautiful journey through Miyazaki!

Let’s Go to the Mythological City of Miyazaki!!

Now that you have read this introduction on the Umisachi-Yamasachi train, don’t you want to visit Miyazaki? If you would like to enjoy yourself to your heart’s content in the midst of mysterious natural wonders, then Miyazaki is a perfect choice!

Miyazaki Station

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