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Keisei Bus Tokyo Shuttle: Going From Tokyo Station To Narita Airport

Keisei Bus Tokyo Shuttle: Going From Tokyo Station To Narita Airport

Translated by Jasmine Nishino

Written by MATCHA

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The Keisei Bus Tokyo Shuttle is a convenient way to get to Tokyo Station from Narita Airport. Ride this bus to save time and travel in comfort to and from the airport. Find information on bus stops, prices, and how and where to buy tickets online.

Keisei Bus Tokyo Shuttle - from Tokyo Station to Narita Airport

Keisei Bus Tokyo Shuttle: Going From Tokyo Station To Narita Airport

Have you ever gone through the hassle of returning to the airport on a train with a lot of luggage, many transfers, and having to trudge up and down the stairs? Taking an express bus from the city center to the airport is very convenient to avoid this.

The Tokyo Shuttle operated by Keisei Bus is a popular transportation method due to its budget-friendly rates, comfortable ride, and convenient operation times. In this article, we introduce bus fares, how and where to buy tickets, and directions on how to get to the bus stop going to the airport departing from Tokyo Station.

How Much does the Tokyo Shuttle Cost? Comparing Bus and Train Prices

There are many ways to get to Narita Airport from Tokyo Station. Some of the ways are listed below, along with the fares and required ride time.

JR Narita Express (Train)
Price: 3,220 yen (with express fee included)
Time: Approximately 1 hour

Keisei Skyliner (Train)
Price: 2,630 yen (with one transfer at Nippori Station)
Time: Approximately 1 hour (the ride from Nippori Station to Narita Airport is around 30 minutes)

Keisei Bus Tokyo Shuttle (Bus)
Price: 900 yen with a reservation made two or more days in advance. 1,000 yen bought on the day. 950 Yen using an IC Card (SUICA, PASMO).
Time: Approximately 1 hour (Varies on traffic conditions)

As you can see, we recommend using the Tokyo shuttle bus as a comfortable, quick option to get to Narita.

How to Purchase Tickets for the Tokyo Shuttle

Next, we will show you how to purchase tickets for the Tokyo shuttle bus. Please select which method you would like to choose according to your plans.

1. Online Reservations

You can make reservations up to 4 months in advance via––search for your bus via departure date and book your seat in advance.

Tickets are also available via the official Keisei website (English available) or Rakuten Travel (Japanese). On these sites, you can make same-day reservations (depending on availability) and around one month in advance. Use a credit card to buy tickets.

2. Ticket Purchase from Japanese Convenience Stores

Convenience stores such as Family Mart, Lawson, Sankus, and Seven-Eleven also sell bus tickets. Tickets here can be purchased from one month to two days in advance from your desired departure date. Being able to pay at the cash register makes this a very convenient option. However, please be aware that the ticket vending machines are only available in Japanese.

3. Buy On-Site

This is the most convenient variant, but you may have to wait for the following bus if there are no available seats on the bus you want to ride.

How to Get to the Keisei Bus Stop from Tokyo Station

After getting off at JR Tokyo Station, look for the sign leading to the Yaesu North Exit.

The Yaesu exit is in the same direction as the Hokuriku and Tohoku bullet train (Shinkansen) lines. Use the signs for these Shinkansen if you get lost.

After walking for about one minute, you will find the Yaesu North exit.

Once you exit, you will see DAIMARU, a popular department store.

Go out of the exit and walk until you reach the main street. After crossing safely, turn left.

Then, you should be able to spot the bus stop. Tokyo Station 3 is the stop the bus going to Narita Airport leaves from.

The indicator will also display "Highway Bus for Narita Airport" in English as well.

Here, you will line up into three rows. The middle and right lanes are bound for Narita Airport. The middle row is for passengers with prior reservation and the right lane is for passengers without any reservations. If you already made a reservation, you are set to go once you present your voucher or ticket.

If you haven't made any reservations, you would need to pay when you board the bus on the day of your departure. If you have 1,000 yen in hand ready, payment should go smoothly.

The electronic signboard clearly displays the timetable of the buses, the next bus departure time, and if there are any delays, it will show up there too.

You should now be able to navigate to the Tokyo shuttle without a problem! Make your way to Narita Airport from Tokyo Station with ease.

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