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Aomori PR Izakaya Ringonohana - Taste Delicious Aomori Food In Tokyo

Aomori PR Izakaya Ringonohana - Taste Delicious Aomori Food In Tokyo

Translated by Kayoko Windle

Written by Eriko Mikami

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Regional izakayas serve up the best of the prefectures that they represent, with dishes and drinks made from ingredients that are shipped directly and only available seasonally. Today we visited Ringonohana, an Aomori specialty shop.

Where Can We Taste Aomori's Gourmet Food in Tokyo?

Regional izakayas are great places where you can taste cuisines from all over Japan in Tokyo. Why not enjoy local dishes made with rare ingredients that only certain areas can produce?

Aomori PR Izakaya Ringonohana

Aomori PR Izakaya Ringonohana in Yotsuya-sanchome, Shinjuku is an izakaya serving dishes made in the northernmost part of Honshu, Aomori prefecture. Aomori prefecture is an expansive land with different environments and food cultures from area to area, but you can enjoy ingredients and local dishes from the whole of Aomori prefecture at Ringonohana.

Surrounded by the ocean on three sides, Aomori prefecture is famous not only for sea products but also for farm goods like apples. At Ringonohana they have seasonal menus with dishes made from fresh ingredients sent from Aomori directly.

Take a Tour of Aomori via the Posters in the Izakaya

Each table in the izakaya is named after the name of a city or town in Aomori prefecture. You can find posters related to those places close to the tables.

There are posters showing 'sembei jiru' or rice cracker soup, which is a regional dish from Hachinohe, as well as of the Hachinohe-Sansha-Taisai festival on display near the Hachinohe table.

Near the table named Goshogawara, there are posters featuring the Tachinebuta Matsuri, which is a festival held in that city, and of Okutsugaruimabetsu Station, the northernmost shinkansen station in Honshu, which opened to the public in 2016.

Taste Sake and Foods Sent Direct from Aomori Prefecture

Now let's take a look at some of the dishes made with ingredients sent straight from Aomori prefecture, which are regional favorites, as well as some of the different types of sake produced in the area.

Hachinohe Maeoki Saba Reikun (680 yen without tax) is a dish of fatty mackerel that has been smoked gradually over a low heat, and is made from mackerel caught off the coast of Hachinohe, the northernmost mackerel fishery in Japan. This has been an incredibly popular dish at Ringonohana since they opened, with many comparing the flavor to a smoked ham.

Aomori-kensan Sabakitate Basashi is freshly sliced raw horse meat from Aomori prefecture (980 yen without tax), which comes from Kanagimachi, Goshogawara city. Aomori prefecture is the third highest producer of horse meat in Japan and the meat is firm and flavorful.

Kaiyaki Miso (880 yen without tax), a local dish of the Tsugaru area, is a simple food of dried bonito flakes and spring onions simmered in miso on a sea shell and cooked with a beaten egg. What is special here is the cooking technique - the dish is prepared in scallop shells from Mutsu Bay rather than in a pan.

From left to right: Hassen, Denshu and Houhai.

All of the Japanese sake served in Ringonohana comes from Aomori prefecture too. They regularly keep 20 kinds of sake on hand, and you can enjoy seasonal sake varieties here as well. Denshu and Houhai in the photo above are known as legendary sake types which are very difficult to come by.

Other than that, you can enjoy fruit wine made from the apples that Aomori prefecture is proud to say they are the number one producer of in Japan. They have sours classified by the kind of apples such as Fuji, Ohrin or Tsugaru as well, so you might want to sample a few of them, to see what are the differences between the tastes of these apples.

We only talked about a few dishes on the menu today, but depending on when you visit, you might be able to try other seasonal delights, like fresh tuna from Ohma or Anglerfish hot pot at Aomori PR Izakaya Ringonohana.

Why not come to Yotsuya-sanchome and discover the appeal of Aomori foods?

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