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The Wonderful View at Nabegataki Falls in Oguni, Kumamoto

The Wonderful View at Nabegataki Falls in Oguni, Kumamoto

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Nabegataki Falls in Kumamoto prefecture is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Japan. Viewing the waterfall from the cave behind it is an amazing experience! When traveling in Kyushu, do stop by Nabegataki and marvel at this wonder of nature.

This planet has an immense variety of picturesque views found in nature, from its mountains to its oceans. These scenes, which cannot be truly experienced unless you see them in person, leave deep impressions on travelers.

This time we’ll introduce you to one of these picturesque views: the waterfall. At Nabegataki Falls, located in the town of Oguni in Kumamoto Prefecture, the incessant downpour of negative ions fascinates anyone who visits it. Nabegataki is famous for the view from behind the waterfall.

Along with showing you some real photos of the area, we’ll discuss how to get to the falls, the area’s charms, and little-known information about Nabegataki, as well as other important points.

How To Get To Nabegataki Falls

Nabegataki Falls is difficult to access via public transportation, so it would be a good idea to take either your own car or a rental car. The parking lot can accommodate 123 cars in total.

This is the entrance to the park where the falls are located. The park also has shops that sell vegetables straight from Oguni’s farms, so you can pick up souvenirs on your way back.


Picture courtesy of 小国町役場

Pay the admission fee at the reception counter. The admission is a reasonable 300 yen for adults, and just 150 yen for children. The park is open from 9 AM to 5 PM, and accepts visitors until 4:30 PM.

Pass through the entrance and you will come across these stairs. It feels good to walk down this little pathway, surrounded by trees. Make your leisurely way towards Nabegataki while inhaling the fresh air.

Other visitors are using the stairs as well, so be considerate and walk up one side to facilitate smooth traffic flow.

Once you arrive at this point, you will start to hear the sounds of the waterfall at Nabegataki.

Arriving At Nabegataki

Three minutes from the entrance, you will arrive at Nabegataki. Right when you think the path has widened, the Nabegataki waterfall will abruptly appear in front of you, provoking you into a gasp of wonder.

A clear river flows underfoot, and the nearby boulders are the perfect size for a person to step up onto. If you stand atop one of the boulders, you can snap pictures from this angle.

Go Behind The Falls

You can actually go around the waterfall and look out from behind it. The gorgeous spectacle is why Nabegataki Falls is said to have such picturesque scenery.

Head toward the waterfall and walk up the right-hand side, then loop around. When the leaves are freshly green, the glittering sheen of falling water creates a famously beautiful contrast with the surrounding greenery. Try taking pictures here from various angles.

The Story Behind Nabegataki Falls

Naturally, since Nabegataki was created by nature, it has an intense aura that you feel as you get closer and closer. The photo here is of the view from the cave behind the waterfall, and you can see how the area is dimly lit, with a solid roof of bedrock.

Take a picture from the very back of the waterfall to understand the waterfall cave’s depth.

There is a large volcano, called Mt. Abe, close to the town of Oguni. When Mt. Abe erupted in the past, the streams of magma cooled, hardened, and became what is now Nabegataki Falls. The solid layer of lava rock piled atop the soft layer of dirt, and before long, only the rock remained, creating this cave.

This is a picture of the signboard which explains the story of the falls. There are easy-to-follow illustrations and English translations, so it’s no problem if you can’t read Japanese.

A Surprise For Sightseers At The Falls?

Nabegataki Falls also has a little diversion for visitors. There are heart-shaped stones hidden on the path to the waterfall. These stones are clustered in a certain area, and if you go there you can find six of these heart stones. Finding all of them might bring you happiness.

After you’ve seen the waterfall, try and find the heart stones.

In Closing

What do you think? The beautiful Nabegataki Falls was created by the eruption of Mt. Abe, and the view is gorgeous, whether you look at it from the front or the back. The waterfall’s powerful intensity will leave a deep impression on you, and it’s worth a trip out to Oguni to see it for yourself.


Nabegataki Falls Park
Address: Kurohuti, Oguni, Aso, Kumamoto
Hours: 9:00-17:00 (last entry at 16:30)
Closed: New Year’s (12/28-1/3)
Wi-Fi: Yes
Credit cards: No
Foreign language support: English signposts
Price range: 300 yen (adults), 150 yen (children)
Phone: 0967-46-2113
Homepage: Nabegataki Falls (Japanese)

The information presented in this article is based on the time it was written. Note that there may be changes in the merchandise, services, and prices that have occurred after this article was published. Please contact the facility or facilities in this article directly before visiting.

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