Gigi Salon In Omotesando - Get The Look Of Your Dreams!

Gigi Salon In Omotesando - Get The Look Of Your Dreams!

Tokyo 2017.08.19

Visit Omotesando, and you'll be amazed by the numerous brand shops, cafes, and other famous stores. Today, we bring you Gigi, a beauty parlor in Omotesando, that keeps their customers stylish and happy just by coming by.

Translated by Jelena Kitamura

Written by Sawada Tomomi

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There’s so much to see in Omotesando, where all brand-name shops, cafes, and other facilities assemble. Among those, you’ll find plenty of cosmetics and hair salons, varying in size, popularity, and atmosphere. From all of those various style salons, we have chosen to present you one that is said to make all of their customers happy just by visiting – the beauty parlor Gigi.

A Beauty Salon Where Your Wishes Come True!


Photo courtesy of Gigi

The main concept behind this lively salon, hiding in a back alley of Omotesando, is to “make people happy and bring a smile to their faces just by coming by”. The salon’s interior was arranged by the owners, and it’s overflowing with great design sense, thus making its ambiance truly pleasant and stylish.

It wouldn’t be much of a surprise if there were many people who think that most of Omotesando’s beauty parlors are mostly meant for women to visit and enjoy. However, half of Gigi’s customers are men, who cherish their beloved parlor just as female customers do. So, we were wondering – what it the secret behind such immense popularity with both genders?

Recognized for Their Natural Style


Photo courtesy of Gigi

Most of Gigi’s customers are men and women in their teens and twenties, so this parlor’s artisans have mastered various types of natural-looking hairstyles, such as natural bob, cute and light long hair look, and many others. Regardless of your gender, they will provide with innovative, comfortable and impressive “technique” to make your hairstyle “suit you”.

Since every member of Gigi staff has a remarkable talent in his or her own field of expertise, they can bring out the best in their customers’ potential look, depending on different tasks and customers’ requests. Here we will introduce three of their best-of-the-best service menus, where you can witness their extraordinary skill for yourself!

1. Let the Colorist Choose the Perfect Hair Color for You


Photo courtesy of Gigi

At Gigi’s, you get to meet a specialist in hair coloring, the so-called “colorist”. For all of you who wish to make your hair gorgeous, or to get rid of your hair-color troubles, don’t hesitate to reach for the (colorist’s) hand of salvation – without a doubt, your troubles will be gone, and your hair will bloom in style!

And not only that – this color stylist will take a different approach to treating the hair of each and one of the customers, depending on the hair type, and the preferred color. Your hair will maintain its color for a long period of time and the color itself will look astonishing – that is what this salon’s service is like. Hair treatments are done thoroughly, taking care of the hair from the inside and outside, and are sure to bring back all the shininess, durability, and elasticity, together with an incredible softness and silkiness – to your hair.

2. The Brilliant Short Haircuts Done by Professionals


Photo courtesy of Gigi

Other specialists you’ll get to admire at Gigi salon are the stylists who work wonders with both men’s and women’s short-style haircuts. Leave it to Gigi professionals – they will make your short-hair dreams come true, and give you that amazing makeover with an extremely short hair, or just provide with a hairstyle for a whole different, mesmerizing look.

If you feel inspired to have a natural-looking short hair style, they will make your heart skip every time you look in the mirror – that is the power of your hair when in the hands of professionals. And, if by chance, you are at loss with what your ideal hairstyle might look like, no worries – leave it to their discerning eye, because they’ll take into consideration everything, from the shape of your face to the shape of your head, your hair type, and other important hair qualities when deciding on the right style for you.

3. Men, Entrust Your Haircut to a Veteran!


Photo courtesy of Gigi

Here’s an important piece of information we’ve already told you – half of Gigi’s customers are men. Since men’s short hair can reveal their head shape so accurately (and, perhaps, inconveniently), the most basic skills are crucial when it comes to men’s haircuts. Gigi’s staff often appear in men’s magazines, so it is no problem for them to suggest the best possible haircut solution to their male customers.

The latest trends, as well as popular and much-loved hairstyles for adults – they’ve got it all covered, so men from all over Japan, feel free and encouraged to pay their skillful hands a visit.

For an All-Year-Round Fabulous Look


Photo courtesy of Gigi

Have you ever experienced that bitter defeat when you try (and fail) to make your hair look good by yourself, reminiscing on those times at the salon when it looked absolutely beautiful? Yes?

Well, we have some fantastic news for you! At Gigi’s, you’ll not only get a gorgeous and a fashionable hairstyle, but you’ll be able to maintain it even after you get home, and to nurture it even after it's grown out! It will be a “first-time-meeting-this-hairstyle” kind of experience, and it will make every day delightful and extraordinary.

The Cafe-like Ambience


Photo courtesy of Gigi

With antique-looking furniture and accessories lying around the room in abundance, and plenty of greenery to soothe your heart, this salon will, without fail, bring a smile to each customers’ face, followed by an irresistible urge to let out the words “How cute!”.

Every inch of the room, from one corner to the other, is filled with peculiar items to create a charming atmosphere, which will make you feel like you’re in a beautiful café. It is a space where you can let your heart and mind relax, and absorb the tranquil and soothing feeling floating in the air.


Get the greatest skills and service at beauty parlor Gigi, and let yourself feel welcomed and treated warmly and with care. How about making a reservation while on your next trip to Japan? You can do that by following this link (Chinese).

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