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Check Out These Unique Snacks! 5 Recommended Osaka Souvenirs

Check Out These Unique Snacks! 5 Recommended Osaka Souvenirs

Translated by Takuya Erik Watanabe

Written by Inou masahiro

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This a new article in our series of souvenir recommendations. Today we will be introducing five unique souvenirs from Osaka.

In our series of souvenir recommendations, today we'll be looking at what Osaka has to offer.

Osaka is a city always bustling with excitement. The Tsutenkaku and Osaka Castle are well-known tourist attractions. When it comes to local delicacies, takoyaki cannot go unmentioned. And what kind of snacks does this bustling metropolis has to offer?

1. Nakanoshima Rusk Caramel and Almond (Epinard)

nakanosima rask 2

Nakanoshima a city in the metropolitan area of Osaka. It has prospered as the economic and cultural center of Osaka for a long time. The snack, Nakanoshima Rusk, is named after the city in the hope that it will become a souvenir loved by the people.

nakanoshima rask

Once you bite into the crispy rusk, the delicious aroma of crushed almonds tickles your senses. Soon after that comes the rich sweetness of sugar and caramel. It's rich, but not too strong, and you'll definitely be craving for more!

This souvenir can be purchased at shops like Entree Marche Osaka Central Court inside Osaka station, Gift Station of Shin-Osaka station, and Ichibirian of Dōtonbori. (Stores are subject to change.)

Product information
Manufacturer: Bijuu
Product Name: Nakanoshima Rusk Caramel & Almond 8 Pieces
Price: 540 yen (without tax)

2. Tsukigeshou (Aoki Shōfūan)


Tsukigeshou, which literally translates as "moon make-up", has received the grand gold prize and gold quality award of Monde Selection, a highly regarded award that is often called the Olympics of the gastronomic world.

It has a cute moon-like shape and color to match:

tukigesyo 2

The "moon" is actually a steamed bun that is kneaded with high-quality butter and milk.

Kidney beans are used as ingredients, but the bun itself doesn't have much of a beany flavor. In fact, the taste resembles more that of a sweet potato. The anko bean paste inside is rich and will melt in your mouth.

Tsukigeshou can be purchased at shops like the Entree Marche Osaka Central Court of Osaka station, Omiyage Kaidō of Shin-Osaka station, and Entree Marche.

Product information
Manufacturer: Aoki Shōfūan
Product Name: Tsukigeshou 10 Pieces
Price: 1,296 yen (including tax)

3. Tako Patie (Hyōgetsudō)

tako patie

Tako Patie is a well-known Osaka souvenir created by a real pastry chef. It is a takoyaki flavored snack made from pie pastry.

Tako patie takes its original taste from real takoyaki sauce, giving it the signature flavor of Osaka.

tako patie 2

The snack overall tastes like takoyaki, but the original taste of the sauce is especially commendable. Once you begin eating it, the first thing that you will notice is the saltiness of the sauce that gradually fades to the sweetness of the pie.

This souvenir can be purchased at shops like Entree Marche (West) of Shin-Osaka station, Entree Marche Central Court of Osaka station, and Sky Plaza of Osaka International Airport.

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Product information
Manufacturer: Hyōgetsudō
Product Name: Tako Patie 12 Pieces
Price: 540 yen (including tax)

4. Kuidaore Tarō Peach Pie (Tarō Foods)

osaka taro

Kuidaore Tarō is the glass-wearing character that everyone in Osaka knows.

His signature Kuidaore Tarō Peach Pie comes in a package that is decorated by the face of the man himself. Inside is hidden a cylindrical pie pastry with soft peach puree in the middle.

Kuidaore doesn't stop at the cover of the package - each of the five wrappers is decorated with five different facial expressions.

osaka taro 2

Upon opening the wrapping you'll smell the rich peach right away. The pie is moist, rather than crispy, making it a very pleasant and peachy experience. Take these home to your friends and they'll surely be pleased by both, the package and the snack!

These funny but tasty snacks can be purchased at stores like Ekimarche Shin-Osaka of Shin-Osaka station and Entree Marche Osaka Central Court of Osaka station.

Product information
Manufacturer: Tarō Foods
Product Name: Kuidaore Tarō Peach Pie 10 Pieces
Price: 864 yen (including tax)

5. Eemonchii (Gokan)


Eemonchii is a madeleine made from Japanese wheat and rice flour. They also come with three black soybeans inside each of them!

eemonchi 2

The smell of the kneaded butter pleases the nose while the soft texture goes well with cold milk. Black soybeans inside the fluffy madeleine add a unique texture on their own. The beans themself have a sweet taste, matching well with the madeleine.

These can be purchased at spots like Shin-Osaka station, Osaka International Airport, and Kansai International Airport.

A cafe that sells the treat is Kitahama Main Shop located in the Chuo Ward of central Osaka.

Product information
Manufacturer: Gokan
Product Name: Eemonchii 10 Pieces
Price: 1,080 yen (including tax)

What do you think of the various snacks that Osaka offers? How do you think they compare to those of Tokyo? We hope you find the perfect Osaka souvenir!

Gokan Kitahama honkan

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