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6 Unique Snacks - The Perfect Souvenirs From Aichi

6 Unique Snacks - The Perfect Souvenirs From Aichi

Translated by Jasmine Nishino

Written by Inou masahiro

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Enjoy our selection of six great snacks from Aichi prefecture, that are great as souvenirs from your trip. The traditional manju buns and kishimen pie are some of the specialties we introduce here.

This time we would like to feature some great souvenirs from Aichi prefecture, carefully selected by the MATCHA staff!

The famous Nagoya castle with its iconic golden shachihoko ( Japanese mythical creatures with the head of a tiger and body of a carp) is a popular sightseeing destination in Aichi. Nagoya specialties such as hitsumabushi and miso pork cutlets are also just as famous. So, what about sweets and souvenirs? Let us take a look!

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1. Kishimen Pie (Aoyagi Sōhonke)

kishimen pai1

Kishimen is a famous noodle dish from Nagoya that has the consistency of udon but has a flat shape. The Kishimen pie was inspired by this dish.

kishimenpai 2

Thin layers of the pie have been arranged one on top of another, creating a distinctive crispy texture. Kishimen noodles use bonito fish flakes, so the pie also has bonito flake extract kneaded into the dough. Don't worry - you will still be able to enjoy the sweetness of the pie.

Product information:
Product company: Aoyagi Sōhonke Co., Ltd.
Product name: Kishimen Pie (10 pieces)
Price: 486 yen (with tax)

2. Kaeru Manju (Aoyagi Sōhonke)

kaeru manju 2

As suggested by the name, this is a manju bun in the shape of a frog. The cute expressions of the frogs make them almost impossible to eat!

Like the Kishimen pie, this souvenir is also sold at the Aoyagi Sōhonke. Along with the popular koshi-an (smooth red bean paste), there is a total of five different flavors, including sweet potato, chocolate, green tea and cherry blossom.

This time, we tried the green tea kaeru manju.

kaeru manju 1

The green tea is mixed with the sweet bean paste and you can enjoy the slight bitterness of the tea in the flavor.

Product information:
Product company: Aoyagi Sōhonke Co., Ltd.
Product name: Kaeru Manjū Green tea flavor (6 pieces)
Price: 648 yen (with tax)

3. Aoyagi Uirō (Aoyagi Sōhonke)

aoyangi uiro

Uirō is a type of traditional Japanese confectionery made of rice flour, sugar, and hot water that have been mixed and kneaded together. It is widely known in Japan as a confectionery specialty of Nagoya, Aichi prefecture.

Aoyagi Uirō comes in five flavors: white (plain sugar flavor), black (brown sugar flavor), green tea flavor, agari (smooth red bean flavor) and cherry blossom flavor.

aoyanagi uiro

Biting into the agari, one tastes the flavor of the rich red bean instantly. It has a firm texture, but it can be cut easily. It also appears to be very sticky, but is soft enough and will not stick to the inside of your mouth. The green tea flavor has a bold taste of green tea.

None of them are too sweet and some are actually very light. It is a treat that would match well with Japanese green tea.

You can also purchase the Aoyagi Uirō at Aoyagi Sōhonke.

Kishimen pie, Frog manjū, and the Aoyagi Uirō can be purchased at the main shop and also at the ESCA Shops located in Nagoya Station's underground streets near the bullet trains.

Product information:
Product company: Aoyagi Sōhonke Co., Ltd.
Product name: Aoyagi Bitesize Uirō (8 pieces)
Price: 821 yen (with tax)

4. Oni Manju (Namikoshiken)

onimanju 2

Oni manju ("Ogre manju") is also known as sweet potato manjū. This is a specialty of Aichi that uses chunks of sweet potatoes.


It comes in a set of three flavors: the standard white oni manjū, a brown oni manjū that uses brown sugar and another type of white oni manjū with sweet potato with the skin left on. The taste of the sweet potato is the strongest in the brown bun. It has a denser flavor while the white one has a lighter taste.

This is a great souvenir that brings out the sweetness of the potato and the flavors of all the ingredients.

Note: When purchased at the main store, you are able to purchase single quantities of it. However, they do not contain oxygen absorbers, so please enjoy them on the day of your purchase.

Product information:
Product company: Namikoshiken Co., Ltd.
Product name: Oni Manjū 3 variety set (3x white, 1x brown, 1x with sweet potato skin) total of 5.
Price: 756 yen (with tax)

5. Kenjō Uirō (Mochibun main shop)

kenjo uirou

The Kenjō Uirō is a souvenir that represents the historical Mochibun main shop that opened in 1659.

Here we would like to introduce the four types of half-size Kenjō Uirō samplers that come in white, brown, green tea and chestnut flavor varieties. It has a chewy consistency and the hand-made portions separate easily after each bite.

kenjo uirou 2

The white variety has a simple sweetness to it and you can taste the flavor of rice flour. The brown variety uses brown sugar from Hateruma Island in Okinawa and has a very elegant depth to its flavor. The green tea one has a bold flavor of matcha with a gentle sweet aftertaste of the uirō.

The chestnut-flavored variety comes with large nut chunks and is very delicious. The simple sweetness of the chestnut and the red bean are a great combination that is very fulfilling.

Product information:
Product company: Mochibun Main store
Product name: Sampler half-size set (4 types)
Price: 2,376 yen (with tax)

6. Ebi Sembei (Shrimp Crackers) Yukari (Bankaku Sōhonpo)

ebisenbei yukari

Ebi sembei Yukari is a sembei cracker where the dough is pressed between two metallic plates to bring out the flavor of the shrimp.

Upon opening the bag, you will instantly smell the delicious fragrance of the raw ingredients. Seven shrimps are used to produce just one cracker!

wbisenbei yukari 1

The senbei have a nice crunch to them and you will be able to savor the flavor of shrimp on every bite. Even after you finish eating, the shrimp flavor still remains in your mouth. However, the taste is not too bold, so one is tempted to eat them in large quantities.

Aside from the special stores, they are for sale in locations such as Aichi's Chūbu International Airport.

Product information:
Product company: Bankaku Sōhonpo
Product name: Yukari in a can (12 pieces)
Price: 1,080 yen (with tax)

They all look delicious, don't they? Many of them come in small packages, perfect for sharing with friends and family!

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