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Five Souvenirs From Hyogo - Sweet Treats to Soothe Your Soul

Five Souvenirs From Hyogo - Sweet Treats to Soothe Your Soul

Translated by Lester Somera

Written by Inou masahiro

Hyogo 2016.08.18 Bookmark

MATCHA's Editorial Department has selected five particular sweets that are great as souvenirs from Hyogo prefecture.

Welcome to the MATCHA Editorial Department’s souvenir selection! In this article we will be looking at products from Hyogo prefecture.

Of all the towns and cities in Hyogo Prefecture, the port city of Kobe is the most famous. The cityscape has both beauty and charm, with an eclectic blend of Western and Eastern architecture, as well as a harbor landscape. The top brand of Kobe beef, the city’s special product, has fans not just in Japan but all over the world.

Let’s delve into what Hyogo has to offer visitors in terms of souvenirs.

1. Kobe Magic Pot Pudding (Kobe Frantz)

kobe franz

Kobe Magic Pot Pudding boasts immense popularity in Kobe’s sweets scene. The Magic Pot Pudding contains a triple layer of cream, custard and caramel. After you’ve eaten the pudding, the little pot can serve as a cute decoration.

kobe frantz 2

Once your mouth fills with the taste of rich custard, you will involuntarily fall under its spell. The fragrance of the broiled caramel is almost unbearably wonderful.

Manufacturing Company: Frantz Co. Ltd.
Product Name: Kobe Magic Pot Pudding (9pcs)
Price: 3510 yen

2. Spring Senbei Crackers from Arima Senbei, Main Shop

arima tansansen senbei 2

Each senbei cracker is hand-grilled by craftsmen, and uses carbonated spring water from Hyogo’s Arima Onsen. It is said that using the carbonated water has the effect of increasing appetite.

tansansen senbei1

When you take the first bite, you can taste the faint sweetness from wheat flour and sugar. The senbei has a simple and gentle flavor.
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Manufacturing Company: Arima Senbei Co. Ltd.
Product Name: Carbonated Spring Water Senbei (25pcs)
Price: 540 yen

3. Black Bean Kintsuba (Tanba Sasayama Inoue Black Bean Plantation)

kuromame kintuba1

Kintsuba sweets are made by flattening out sheets of an azuki bean paste, then wrapping them in wheat flour and/or rice flour that has been dissolved in water.

kuromame kintuba 2

The high-quality adzuki bean paste is studded with large black beans. The paste has a restrained sweetness, which draws out the flavor of the black beans.

We recommend this to people who are not particularly fans of Japanese sweets, since it isn’t overly sugary.

Manufacturing Company: Tanba Sasayama Inoue Black Bean Plantation
Product Name: Black Bean Kintsuba (6pcs)
Price: 756 yen

4. Gaufre from Kobe Fūgetsudō


Gaufre is the dough of a Western-style waffle, rolled out thinly and sandwiching a sweet cream filling. It was originally a French baked sweet, and Japanese manufacturers adapted it. They are about the size of an adult male’s palm.

goufule 2

Gaufre is available in vanilla, strawberry and chocolate flavors.

Thanks to the thinness of the dough, the crispy texture tastes almost like an ice cream cone. The three cream varieties are strongly flavored, but not overly sweet. Gaufre are even more delicious when eaten after being chilled.

Manufacturing Company: Kobe Fūgetsudō Co. Ltd.
Product Name: Gaufre 25S (Vanilla/Strawberry/Chocolate 3pcs/packet) x 7 packets
Price: 2700 yen

5. Kogawara Senbei (Kameidō Honke)

kogawara senbei1

Kogawara senbei are very simply made, with only wheat flour, sugar, and chicken eggs. Each individual senbei is carefully grilled.


The simplicity really brings out the sweet taste of the eggs. The surfaces of the senbei are adorned with two different designs.

Manufacturing Company: Kameidō Honke Co. Ltd
Product Name: Kogawara Senbei 7cm squares (18pcs)
Price: 756 yen

G-Sen Artisanal Home-Baked Waffles (G-Sen)

waffle 1

G-Sen Artisanal Home-Baked Waffles are individually cooked by hand. A smash sales hit since the founding of G-Sen, these crisp waffles have a characteristically crunchy, almost shortbread-esque taste.


They are available in butter, cocoa and coconut varieties.

Take a bite of a butter waffle, and the slightly-buttery flavor will fill your mouth. The gentle chocolate notes of the cocoa-flavored waffle become more and more apparent as you chew. After you’ve bitten into a coconut waffle, you will be able to detect the characteristc sweetness of coconut.

Manufacturing Company: G-Sen Confect Co. Ltd.
Product Name: G-Sen Craftsmen’s Home-Baked Waffles 4 pieces (2 pcs butter flavor, 2 pcs cocoa flavor)
Price: 500 yen (before tax)

With their delicate flavors, these Hyogo sweets have something of a refined feel. When you visit Hyogo, or ask someone visiting Hyogo to bring back a souvenir for you, then by all means, consider one of these fine products.

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