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5 Tasty Souvenirs Exclusive To Tokyo You Can Get At Tokyo Station

5 Tasty Souvenirs Exclusive To Tokyo You Can Get At Tokyo Station

Translated by Takuya Erik Watanabe

Written by Inou masahiro

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There are many souvenirs available to choose from when you visit Tokyo. Today we'll be introducing five of our favorite Tokyo souvenirs.

Today we are introducing MATCHA's special selection of Tokyo souvenirs!

Tokyo is a city where millions of visitors from around the world come every year. When it comes to souvenirs, there is no shortage. Here we have gathered five of our favorites. Some can only be found in Tokyo, so make sure to check them out when you come around!

1. Tokyo Banana (Tokyo Banana World)

tokyo banana2

Tokyo Banana is a well-known and cute, banana-shaped Tokyo sweet. It is a soft sponge cake with a filling of delicious banana-flavored custard.

It is a two or three-bite size snack that will satisfy your craving for sweets. They are wrapped in individual packages so you can easily hand them out to your friends or family without getting your fingers sticky!

tokyo banana 2

The banana custard inside is delicious and the sweet goes well with tea or milk.

In addition to the original banana custard flavor, there is also a brown-and-yellow leopard-patterned version, a flower-patterned banana shake version,ssa heart-patterned maple banana version and other flavors that are limited to certain areas. What would be more fun than buying a few different types and comparing them with your friends!

Tokyo Banana is available at most large department stores and airports in Tokyo, one of them being Tokyo Banana Yaesu South Exit Store. The wide availability makes buying them easy, even if you are in a hurry and need to grab some souvenirs at the last minute.

Product information:
Manufacturer: GRAPESTONE
Product Name: Tokyo Banana 8 Pieces
Price: 1,029 yen (including tax)

2. Tsuki (Sorairo)

tuki 1

Tsuki (moon) is a round cookie in the shape of a half moon. Inside you will find delicious tsubuan, a type of red bean paste specific to Japanese cuisine.

Tsuki is available in four different flavors. The brand carries almond and matcha-flavored cookies as well as two types of anko: adzuki and white kidney beans.

tuki 2

The almond-flavor cookies have a moist texture and a rich, buttery flavor. The matcha cookies are deliciously bittersweet. The adzuki anko bean paste isn't too thick and matches perfectly with the cookie while the white kidney bean anko has a refreshing sweetness to it.

Try combining the matcha cookie and white kidney bean anko, as they make a very refreshing combination! Even if you don't like sweet snacks that much, there is a chance that you might enjoy this one. Give it a go!

The tsuki cookies can be purchased at the Ecute Shinagawa store which is located inside the JR East Japan Shinagawa station.

Product information
Manufacturer: Kūya
Product Name: Sorairo Tsuki 8 Pieces
Price: 2,096 yen (including tax)

3. Tokyo Station Marunouchi Building Monaka (Awaya Sobey)


The Tokyo Station Marunouchi Building Monaka is a unique sweet souvenir. You might even recognize the building that it was designed after. Yes, it is Tokyo Station, with adzuki bean jam filling!

A monaka is a sweet snack that consists of a crispy, thinly baked mochi filled with red bean paste. It is an iconic, traditional Japanese sweet.

The crispy outside and the soft anko will without a doubt make you crave for more.


The sweet has koshian, a fine type of red bean paste, and butter cream inside. The koshian uses red beans from Hokkaido and they are known for their deep and smooth flavor. The butter cream has a refreshing taste that brings out the best of the koshiab's sweetness, making the two a wonderful match.

Cooling it before eating makes the butter cream even more delicious.

Product information
Manufacturer: Awaya Sobey
Product Name: Tokyo Station Marunouchi Building Monaka 5 Pieces
Price: 1,300 yen (including tax)

4. Edo Musubisen (Sanshū Sōhompo Tokyo)

edomusubisen 2

This one is also a snack that can be bought exclusively at Tokyo Station. It is sold at a store named Fumiu, located inside the Tokyo Meihinkan (Gift Garden) South Exit Store. The packacing includes miso, soy sauce, and salt flavored sembei, a type of rice cracker that is made from crushed rice grains that are kneaded, spread thinly and finally baked. Each sembei uses ingredients that are famous in Tokyo.

For example, the salt version uses sea salt that is only found at Izu Ōshima, an island in Tokyo.

edomusubisen 2

The soy sauce sembei has a salty and sweet taste to it and it goes well with matcha. The clear taste of soy is delicious.

The miso senbei has a strong miso aroma but it is not too spicy.

Product information
Manufacturer: Sanshū Seika
Product Name: Edo Musubisen 18 Pieces
Price: 1,080 yen (including tax)

5. Panda no Tabi (Keishindō)

panda no tabi

The last snack we'll be introducing is Panda no Tabi, which means "the journey of the panda".

Hence the name, this snack features many of Tokyo's symbolic attractions, printed on the sembei. On the cracker you'll find many iconic places such as the Ueno Zoo, Sensōji Temple in Asakusa and Tokyo Tower. The pandas have five different facial expressions and each of them are almost too cute to eat! The packaging itself also features panda characters.

panda no tabi 2

The packaging comes with panda sembei, green sembei, and yellow sembei. They are all shrimp-flavor crackers or ebisen. The more you chew on them, the more you will taste the shrimpy flavor.

Panda no tabi can be bought at Keishindō of Tokyo Station Central Street.

Product information
Manufacturer: Keishindō
Product Name: Panda no Tabi 3 Packs
Price: 648 yen (including tax)

What do you think of these souvenirs? Many of them have unique packaging and appearances and that is what makes entertaining to just look at them. We hope that you find the perfect Tokyo souvenir to take home from your travels!

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