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The Best Souvenirs From Kyoto - 7 Japanese Sweet Treats

The Best Souvenirs From Kyoto - 7 Japanese Sweet Treats

Kyoto 2016.08.17

We have selected the best souvenirs from Kyoto: Japanese sweets made with natural ingredients, according to traditional recipes. These sweets are the favorite souvenir items of tourists from all over the world.

Translated by Jasmine Nishino

Written by Inou masahiro

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This time we would like to feature a souvenir collection from Kyoto, selected by the MATCHA staff.

Kyoto is a famous tourist attraction that is just as popular as Tokyo. The city's charm comes from the many temples and the nice neighborhoods it has, which make it a destination loved by visitors from all around the world. Let's take a look at what kinds of souvenirs Kyoto has to offer.

1. Otabe (Nama Yatsuhashi With Red Bean Paste)


Among the Japanese, a long time favorite souvenir from Kyoto is the nama yatsuhashi. Yatsuhashi is a type of senbei, cracker that is made of rice flour, sugar, cinnamon and water, which is mixed, then rolled out into a thin sheet before being baked. When the dough is steamed instead of being baked and filled with red bean paste, it turns into a confectionery called nama yatsuhashi with red bean.


There are many companies that make nama yatsuhashi in Kyoto, but this time we would like to introduce the nama yatsuhashi made by Bijuu Co. Ltd. called Otabe.

The classics are the cinnamon flavor and the matcha green tea flavor. Both aren't overly sweet and have a very elegant taste. There are many other souvenirs you can only purchase at Otabe main shop, so do stop by if you are in the area.

Product information:
Product company: Bijuu Co. Ltd.
Product name: Cinnamon and green tea set (10 pieces)
Price: 500 yen (without tax)

2. The World's Smallest Konpeito Sugar Candy


Konpeito is traditional sugar candy that originates from Portugal.

True to its name, Kyoto Marun's "World's Smallest Konpeito" is very tiny. White, green, yellow and pink konpeito as small as grains of sand can be found in a jar.

It is very tiny, but you can taste the wonderful flavor of the sugar in each piece.

3. Fukkura Usagi Set


Fukkura Usagi are a sugar confectionery made by Kyoto Marun. The sugary treats in the shape of hearts and bunnies are so cute that it's almost hard to take a bite. The bunnies are placed in a box that is filled with konpeito sugar candy. Cute designs such as this are a trait of Japanese souvenirs.

Product information:
Product company: Maisendo Kyoto Marun Co. Ltd.
Product name: World's smallest Konpeito Sugar Candy / Fukkura Usagi (Set)
Price: 380 yen (without tax)/650 yen (without tax)

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