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Souvenirs From Hiroshima - 6 Delicious Sweets That Make Great Gifts!

Souvenirs From Hiroshima - 6 Delicious Sweets That Make Great Gifts!

Translated by Lester Somera

Written by Inou masahiro

Hiroshima 2016.08.18 Bookmark

MATCHA's Editorial Department recommends these six delicious snacks that make great souvenirs from Hiroshima!

Welcome to the MATCHA Editorial Department’s souvenir selection. For this edition, we will be looking at the specialties of Hiroshima Prefecture.

Hiroshima’s best-known tourist spots are the Miyajima Torī Gate, which floats on the ocean surface, and the A-Bomb Dome. With regard to food, okonomiyaki is especially famous.

What souvenirs does Hiroshima have to offer?

Let’s dive right in and take a look.

1. Cream Bread (Hattendō)


The Cream Bread from Hattendō took roughly three years to develop. The ingredients were precisely chosen, and the recipes uses absolutely no essences, nor liqueurs.

For this reason, you can really taste the natural flavors of egg yolk and fresh cream. The dough is fluffy and light.

hattenndo 2

We recommend the custard and fresh cream variety. The custard’s egg taste, combined with the ample amount of cream, combine to create a flavor just like cake.

The cream bread is available in: custard, chestnut, mango, strawberry, adzuki bean paste, butter, chocolate, and green tea flavors, with seven Ogura cream varieties.

Manufacturer: Hattendō Co. Ltd.
Product name: Cream Bread (Custard/Fresh Cream)
Price: 1 piece (210 yen/220 yen)

2. Tōyōka Manju (Yamadaya)


Yamadaya’s Tōyōka is a square-shaped manjū confectionery.

At room temperature, the Tōyōka has a chewy texture. When lightly baked, the outside turns crisp and the inside puffs up, so you can enjoy a treat that tastes like it just came out of the oven.

*1:Manjū… A sweet made of wheat flour dough, wrapped around adzuki bean jam, then steamed or baked.


Yamadaya’s main store is located in the Miyajima area of Hiroshima, the site of Itsukushima Shrine; however, you can also buy these manjū at the branch in the Hiroshima Station Building Asse, by the station’s south exit.

Manufacturer: Yamadaya Co. Ltd.
Product name: Tōyōka (6pcs)
Price: 800 yen

3. Fresh Momiji Manju (Nishikidō)


One of Hiroshima’s famous products is the momiji manjū, a sweet fashioned into the shape of a maple leaf.

This Fresh Momiji, a kind of momiji manjū, is sold in a three-flavor set: koshi-an (mashed azuki bean jam), tsubu-an (azuki bean jam with the beans left intact) and matcha-an (green tea azuki) jam.

namamomiji 2

The texture of the manjū dough, together with the adzuki bean jam, has a give to it, almost like eating mochi.

The tsubu-an variety is simple, so you can fully enjoy the bean jam flavor, while the koshi-an variety has been tempered with yuzu lemon for its own characteristic taste. Kidney beans are used in the matcha-an variety, so the sweetness of beans, not just the taste of green tea, really comes out.

Manufacturer: Nishikidō Co. Ltd.
Product name: Vanity Case - Momiji Manjū, (6 pcs - Koshi-an 2pcs, Tsubu-an 2pcs, Green Tea 2pcs)
Price: 770 yen

4. Gokusa Manju (Heiandō Umetsubo)

gosaku mauju 1

The dough wrappers of Gokusa manjū from Heiandō Umetsubo are tightly packed with concentrated sweet bean jam goodness.

A topping of roasted walnuts provides an additional accent.

gosaku manju2

The dough wrapper is soft, and the jam filling really makes good use of the sweetness of adzuki beans. The roasted walnuts help to deliver even more of the jam’s sweet taste to your mouth.

Manufacturer: Heiandō Umetsubo
Product name: Gokusa Manjū (5pcs)
Price: 972 yen

5. The Hiroshima-Style Originator Okonomiyaki Senbei (Tanimoto Foods)


It seems almost as though Hiroshima-Style Originator Okonomiyaki Senbei are okonomiyaki directly transformed into rice crackers.

Even before you open the bag, the aroma of okonomiyaki wafts its way to your nostrils.

okonomiyaki senbei 2

As you eat these crisp crackers, the taste steadily becomes more and more like okonomiyaki. You can sense the flavors of beni-shōga ginger, shrimp and other classic okonomiyaki ingredients.

You can purchase these senbei crackers at Hiroshima Yume Plaza, located ten minutes away from the A-Bomb Dome and the Peace Memorial Park on foot.

Related articles: Japanese Encyclopedia: Senbei (Rice Crackers)

Manufacturer: Tanimoto Foods Ltd.
Product name: Hiroshima-Style Originator Okonomiyaki Senbei (22pcs)
Price: 648 yen

6. Karasu-mugi Fresh-Baked Cookies (Backen Mozart)

karasumugi cooky 1

Karasu-mugi, a variety of wheat, is known as a health food for its abundant mineral content

karasumugi cooky 2

The sweetness of the chocolate-almond mixture will spread through the flavors of flour and butter. This time, we covered the chocolate-almond mixture, but the cookies are also available in varieties of just chocolate or just almond.

The cookies can be found in the company store, and other places such as the souvenir shops in Hiroshima Station.

Manufacturer: Backen Mozart
Product name: Karasu-Mugi Fresh-Baked Cookies (Tin-Sealed Pack)
Price: 1,188 yen

What do you think?

We covered an abundant variety of Japanese snacks, from senbei crackers to cream bread. Please consider these treats when buying souvenirs in Hiroshima.

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