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From Anime Goods to Music, Find Everything You Need at Nagoya PARCO!

From Anime Goods to Music, Find Everything You Need at Nagoya PARCO!

From Anime Goods to Music, Find Everything You Need at Nagoya PARCO!

Translated by MATCHA-PR

Written by MATCHA

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PARCO is a trendsetting shopping center chain, very popular among the Japanese youth. This article introduces Nagoya PARCO, the largest PARCO store in Japan.

Translated by MATCHA-PR

Written by MATCHA

PARCO is a shopping center chain that has been leading the Japanese fashion scene, and Nagoya PARCO is the largest in the country. In our previous Nagoya PARCO article, we recommended fashion brand shops to the visitors from abroad. In this article, we will introduce other tenants, such as anime shops and general stores, which are sure to make your trip a memorable one.

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Nagoya PARCO_20160607_689

You might find it peculiar that an anime shop is located inside a shopping center. But "animate," a prominent shop in Japan, can be found on the fourth floor of Nagoya PARCO east building.

Nagoya PARCO_20160607_693_b

The shop carries all kinds of manga and anime media, from comics, CDs, DVDs and other goods. Many female customers also visit this shop, as it has a light atmosphere.

Nagoya PARCO_20160607_773
Nagoya PARCO_20160607_779

Japanese comics, especially the serial comics on Shukan Shonen Jump, are popular among visitors from abroad. The animate shop within Nagoya PARCO has most of the Jump comics, along with many others, in stock.

Nagoya PARCO_20160607_768


Nagoya PARCO_20160607_832

"TOWER RECORDS" handles CDs of not only Japanese artists, but also of artists from all over the world, at reasonable prices.

Nagoya PARCO_20160607_822

Visitors from abroad look for Japanese artists, and most of them buy Japanese CDs of artists who are famous overseas, such as Sakanaction, Suiyobi no Campanella and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.

Nagoya PARCO_20160607_782
Nagoya PARCO_20160607_790

TOWER RECORDS also handles apparel items such as the "YABA" T-shirt, inspired by the Yaba area, where Nagoya PARCO is located. It makes the perfect Nagoya souvenir. The music genre T-shirts, such as the ones with "hip-hop" written in Japanese, are also popular among visitors from abroad.

Nagoya PARCO_20160607_798

There is a machine for taking ID photographs at Nagoya PARCO, which has a unique function. It decorates the photographs and makes them look like the cover of a music magazine. You can have fun with them, just like you would when using a "Print Club."


Nagoya PARCO_20160607_906

"VILLAGE/VANGUARD," a popular store among those who love Japanese subcultures, is another place to look for souvenirs.

Nagoya PARCO_20160607_891

The theme of this store is "playground bookstore," as it handles rare comics and books, along with various unique items that don't fit into a single category.

Nagoya PARCO_20160607_917

Candies, apparel and character goods are spread out all over the store. It feels like you are on a treasure hunt!

Nagoya PARCO_20160607_899 _b

Various items with characters from Japanese comics such as "Doraemon" and "Case Closed (Detective Conan)," or from games such as "Dragon Quest" and "Kirby's Dream Land," are laid out in the store. These are all representative works of otaku culture.

Nagoya PARCO_20160607_854 _b

Don't forget to check the other cute, unique items, bags and designed T-shirts. By the way, candies might make a good souvenir. Besides the cheap candy types popular among the Japanese, Village/Vanguard also offers original types of candy, with strange flavors such as the watermelon-flavored cookie, shown in the lower right photograph.

Eggs'n Things

Eggs'n Things is a casual restaurant from Hawaii, famous for its pancakes and loco mocos. The interior has a classical style with surfboards. With the staff wearing aloha shirts, the atmosphere reminds of Hawaii. As the Japanese branch of Eggs'n Things is currently the only one in Asia, it's worth a visit. Here are some recommended dishes.

The pancakes, priced at 1,080 yen, are their most popular dish. It comes with large strawberries and whipped cream, topped with crushed macadamia nuts and maple syrup. The whipped cream has just the right sweetness and texture. It may look voluminous, but before you know it, it will be gone.

The other dish is the Eggs Benedict, priced at 1,280 yen, served with spinach and bacon on top of appetizing muffins. The creamy yolk of the half-boiled egg (*) is a perfect match to the other ingredients. The thick-flavored hollandaise sauce, which is also made from yolk, further compliments the ingredients.
*The poached egg can be cooked according to the customer's taste.


Nagoya PARCO_20160607_1041
Nagoya PARCO_20160607_989

"BEAMS" is a multi-brand shop handling casual, down-to earth items. It is also famous overseas, so some of our readers may have heard about the shop.

Nagoya PARCO_20160607_1041 _b

Visitors from abroad should take a look at the stylish T-shirts and high-technology sports shoes. BEAMS produces collaborative items with various brands, so they are also worth a look, as you might find something valuable.

Nagoya PARCO_20160607_1031


Nagoya PARCO_20160607_1073

Asian tourists should take a look at the American multi-brand shop "OPENING CEREMONY," as its Japanese branch is the only one in Asia.

Nagoya PARCO_20160607_1074

They handle trendy, cool items rarely seen in Japanese multi-brand shops.

Nagoya PARCO_20160607_1052

Pop items with characters are popular to visitors from abroad. OPENING CEREMONY is known for discovering new brands and designers, so if you're looking for something different, this is the place to visit.


Nagoya PARCO_20160607_640

A.M.I is an authorized distributor of high quality wristwatches.

Nagoya PARCO_20160607_677

Customers can choose from not only Japanese brands, but also from famous worldwide brands.

Nagoya PARCO_20160607_656
Nagoya PARCO_20160607_668

There are high-class watches such as TAGHeuer and BREITLING, not to mention Japanese brands like CITIZEN and Grand Seiko. While on a sighseeing tour in Japan, it might be a good idea to look for a self-gift at this shop.

In Conclusion

Nagoya is one of the largest cities in Japan, with many shopping spots. But international visitors may have a hard time deciding where to go, and visiting various shops takes up time. Nagoya PARCO has a huge number of tenants with a wide variety of brands and shops, which is truly a unique feature. If you want to enjoy shopping without moving around too much, try the Nagoya PARCO.

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