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The Elme Salon In Omotesando: Find A Style That Fits You

The Elme Salon In Omotesando: Find A Style That Fits You

Translated by Lester Somera

Written by Mami Wakamatsu

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Elme’s motto is to offer styles that fit the customer, not just what’s trendy. Get your haircut here for a style that perfectly fits current fashion.

Sensitive to issues of beauty, many Japanese women get their hair cut, permed, colored and professionally conditioned every month, which is why beauty salons are found practically everywhere in Tokyo.

The Omotesando area in Aoyama is packed with establishments overflowing with style, and there are many wonderful beauty salons in the area as well. Having said that, there are currently few shops which can serve non-Japanese customers without any language issues. Elme is one of the places in Aoyama that gladly welcomes international visitors. As a matter of course, this beauty salon has highly skilled stylists, and features an interior that resembles an antique cafe, where you can lie back and relax as you become more beautiful.

Specializing in “Cool and Beautiful” Styles

Styles that are mature and natural are popular at Elme. We recommend them for people who like cool and beautiful vibes and a rugged feel.

Elme’s motto is to offer styles that fit the customer, not just what’s trendy, and the stylists’ aesthetic senses are exceptional! Just by getting your haircut here, styles that perfectly fit the current fashion are possible.

Stylists Who Have Exceptional Aesthetic Senses

Mr. Takeda, the owner

In addition to having great aesthetic sense, Elme provides customers with hairstyles that perfectly fit each individual through high technical ability and knowledge. The stylists offer haircuts, coloring, conditioning, and even perming, performing what is necessary to give customers a style that really fits them without being unduly influenced by trends. From that great aesthetic sense and service, by 2016, the salon’s third year, Elme had become a place frequented by many celebrities.

Full Conditioning Available As Well

Elme also offers full conditioning, like the salon’s original treatment “3On Step Up,” which creates supple and soft hair. After treating your damaged hair with UV rays, drying it, coloring and perming it, the treatment will guide you to totally reborn, glossy-feeling hair.

Pittoretiqua, Taking Care of Your Hair from the Roots

You can also try out Pittoretiqua, a special treatment separate from the standard conditioning. It is a head spa and conditioning treatment intended for female customers, and Elme participated in its development as an advisor. It provides hair care that aligns with the customer’s age, environment and hairstyle, and you can become more beautiful as its natural aromas relax you.

On “Mama’s Day,” You Can Also Bring Your Children

Elme runs a “Mama’s Day” event twice a month, so that mother can bring their children along. On these days, there is a space for kids set up in the salon, so that mothers can keep an eye on them while they are getting their hair done. On Mama’s Day, only customers with children are allowed in, so happily, you don’t have to worry about the people around you.

Key Points So That Adults Can Relax

There are six chairs in the salon, and its warm, woodsy antique-feeling interior makes you calmer just by being inside. Elme has a daily cap on the number of appointments it takes, and takes care to allow customers to relax as much as possible. The salon is also located underground, so it feels like a private salon. Taking the staff’s consideration into account, customers can have a pleasant time from the minute they come in to the minute they leave.

A bathroom that looks like it belongs in a high-class hotel

Cute original wallpaper

At Elme, not only can you become more beautiful, but you can reinvigorate yourself during your trip in its cafe-esque interior. Make reservations at Liren Tokyo’s page (Chinese).


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