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Autograph Session Report: Misako Aoki "Lolita Fashion BOOK"

Autograph Session Report: Misako Aoki

Translated by Miki Takeshita

Written by HashimotoAkane

2014.05.30 Bookmark

Misako Aoki(青木美沙子) is widely known as a Charismatic Lolita model and president of the Japan Lolita Association(日本ロリータ協会), she also works as a real nurse. On the 26th of March, Mynavi Corporation released "Lolita Fashion BOOK(『ロリータファッションBOOK』)", directed by Misako.

Also, on the 20th of April, Misako's autograph session celebrating the book's release was held at the Lolita Dress up Salon, "Maison de Julietta", inside Laforet Harajuku(ラフォーレ原宿); the Holy place for all Lolita lovers.

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【Interview】Misako Aoki’s Enthusiasm toward “Lolita Fashion BOOK”

Laforet Harajuku Full of Lolita Princesses

On the day of the autograph session, many lolitas dressed up in their favorite outfits and gathered at "Maison de Julietta" on the B1.5 floor of Laforet Harajuku. How gorgeous it was!

First of all, the number of people in attendance was supposed to be around 100, but the actual number of lolitas that attended doubled that day. Some of them were dressed in twin coordinates(*1). Some others wore dresses from famous lolita brands. There were even some visitors from overseas!

(*1)twin coordinate: Coordinate to wear similar dresses with your friends. The important thing is to look like each other. Some dress themselves as triplets!

Dreamy Autograph Session

At this event, every single lolita in line had their chance to get an autograph from Misako on their copy of "Lolita Fashion BOOK". What's more, they even got to take a photo with her! It pretty much became a memorial day for all the fans.

The pic below is one shot together with Misako's fan, Yaya(ややさん).

Yaya said she had only been a lolita for one and a half years. Well, she looks pretty well, doesn't she? There were only a few lolita how-to books in the past, but this was her first time to buy such a book. "It totally makes me excited, for this book is stuffed with the magic of lolita fashion!!" she told us so.

Lolita Fashionista Snaps

MATCHA's very first time to take snap photos! We chose this pair from the many wonderful lolita girls.

On the left is Hisui(翡翠さん), and on the right, Kyoko(きょーこさん). They have the same pigtails, like dolls! And the combination of black and pink looks very nice. They said that the Hisui, with three years of practicing lolita, has taught the fashion to the new-comer Kyoko. The two lolita girls praised Misako's "Lolita Fashion Book" that this has brought them a lot of information about Lolita.

The Book Full with "Kawaii" Lolita

At the autograph session, we again were reminded of the magic of lolita fashion, and the charisma of Misako-san. Lolita girls, beginners, and those of you who do not know the fashion yet... anyone will be able to enjoy this "Lolita Fashion BOOK" for sure. If you have the slightest interest, just take one home, and check out the world of lolita!


Title: "Lolita Fashion BOOK(『ロリータファッションBOOK』)"

Direction: Misako Aoki(青木美沙子) President of the Japan Lolita Association
Price: 1740yen + tax
Size: B5 irregular 144pages
Release Date: 26/03/2014 (Wed)

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