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【Interview】Misako Aoki’s Enthusiasm toward “Lolita Fashion BOOK”

【Interview】Misako Aoki’s Enthusiasm toward “Lolita Fashion BOOK”

Translated by HashimotoAkane

Written by HashimotoAkane

2014.05.30 Bookmark

“Lolita Fashion BOOK” was released on March 26 in Japan. It quickly became very popular among Lolita fashion fans.
We interviewed the supervisor of this book, Misako Aoki, the president of Japan Lolita Association.

【Interview】Charisma of Lolita World – Misako Aoki’s Two Faces

“Lolita Fashion BOOK”

- First, please tell me about the “Lolita Fashion BOOK”.
This book shows almost everything about Lolita fashion. I subdivided Lolita fashion from hair make-up to style categories such like “Gothic Lolita” and “Classical Lolita” to make it easy for all Lolita fans to understand.

- This book also talks about the history and culture of Lolita fashion.
Yes, it does. There were not enough reference books about such things, so it was very hard to research. Furthermore, the information was not always completely correct or a bit too complicated … It was very hard work. I went directly to Mr. Isobe, the founder of the famous Lolita brand, "BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT" and Nobara Takemoto (*1), who's popular among Lolita fans, to learn more about Lolita fashion because I wanted to complete this “Lolita Fashion BOOK” with only accurate Lolita information.

(*1)He is famous as the charisma of Otome (girlie). He wrote “Kamikaze Girls” in 2002 and it became a hit movie in 2004. (Reference: “Lolita Fashion BOOK”)

- This project sounds like it was so difficult...
Yes, it was. For example, Japanese traditional clothes are specified in thousands of books. But Lolita fashion is different. Lolita was just recently born in the 1990’s. Having such a short history made it difficult to research Lolita fashion. On the other hand, this may be the chance to spread the research on Lolita fashion because it's a new genre for researchers.

- I’m also researching about Lolita fashion myself, so I would like to look for reference books in “Lolita Fashion BOOK”.
Please use it as your first step for Lolita fashion research. After that, you should try to research by yourself and pursue the most interesting topics.

Misako’s Enthusiasm for Lolita

- I have a question about the Lolita fashion categories in this book. You suggested the new Lolita category, “Soft Lolita”. Do you have any special opinions?
I often think it is difficult to wear Lolita fashion because my other job is nursing. So I can’t wear Lolita clothes when I work as a nurse, and I also don't have enough time to complete my ideal Lolita fashion collection. Although, I know that there are a number of girls who want to enjoy Lolita fashion 365 days a year, so I suggested the girlie and romantic “Soft Lolita”, which is a more casual Lolita fashion option. A good example of this is can be seen in “LARME”, the fashion magazine which is very popular among young girls who love kawaii. “LARME” shows many “Soft Lolita” styles. I want such girls to be interested in true Lolita fashion as well and to gradually come to wear Lolita clothes.

- I am also a fan of “LARME”. Do you appear in the magazine as a model?
I appear on make-up page, for example.

-I'll check it out soon!!

- You are also famous as Maepatsuhimeka (*2) and released some songs. Although your bangs are always perfect and don’t move if the wind blows, you put your bangs, the heart of Lolita, up in “Lolita Fashion BOOK”. Why did you show your forehead?
First, I was worried about doing that because horizontal bangs are very important in Lolita fashion. But Mr. Namiki who is a hair and make-up artist and especially famous for his “doll-make,” gave me some advice and we decided to set a high value on the atmosphere. So I challenged the new style a little bit by being a little different from ordinary Lolita style. For example, when I took the photos in the bedroom scene, we expressed a relaxed Lolita girl and I put my bangs up while doing make-up.

(*2)Misako Aoki debuted as a singer in June, 2013. “Maepatsuhimeka” is a clipped word from horizontal bangs and Hime-cut, one popular kind of hair cut among Lolita fans. (Reference: “Lolita Fashion BOOK”)

- Do you mean that the horizontal bangs are still very important for Lolita fashion?
Of course! The horizontal bangs are pretty and makes you as a doll.

Message from Misako Aoki

- This is the last question. Please give a message to all the people who will buy “Lolita Fashion BOOK”.
I’ve spent about 15 years as a Lolita and this book is a compilation of that. I saw Lolita fashion, which was born in Japan, become popular around the world and I revive my experiences in many other countries. So, I think this “Lolita Fashion BOOK” will tell you everything about the real Lolita world. I want everyone who is or isn't Lolita, and people that are or are not interested in being a Lolita to enjoy this “Lolita Fashion BOOK”.

“Lolita Fashion BOOK” has an appeal for both Lolita fashion and Misako Aoki. If you read this, you could become a perfect Lolita in the next day!
Please get it and enjoy the world of Lolita.


Title: “Lolita Fashion BOOK”
Supervisor: Misako Aoki (The president of Japan Lolita Association)
Price: 1740yen (+tax)
Size: B5 144 pages
Release day: March 26, 2014
Detailed information:

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