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Try Traditional Loach Fish Gourmet at ”Komagata Dozyo”, Asakusa

Try Traditional Loach Fish Gourmet at ”Komagata Dozyo”, Asakusa

Translated by Miki Takeshita

Written by Satomi Echigoya

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"Dozyo", Popular Food from Edo Era


"Dozyo(Loach fish)" is one of the regional menus eaten by locals since Edo era(17th Century~). At those times there used to be shops selling "Dozyo-ziru", a dish of rice bowl with dozyo soup poured on. We can say that it was one typical fast food back then.

Though it is hard to find dozyo shops today, there still are some places you can try them. It is very rich in nutrition.

"Komagata Dozyo" Since Edo Era


You can still try the taste of dozyo at "Komagata Dozyo" in Asakusa, which offers the unchanged menu from Edo era.


The restaurant opened in 1801. Even today the entrance gives out atmosphere of the old days. Don't feel awkward, there are many non-Japanese visitors inside along with local workers and students.

Try the "Dozyo Hot Pot"


"Dozyo Hot Pot(どじょう鍋, 1750yen)"

First an alive dozyo will be dunked into alcohol, and after it got drunk the chef will boil it in sweet miso soup and original sauce. When the pot is delivered to your table, complete it with plenty of onions! You might get astonished at the look, but its taste is really good. Even the bones are soft, so eat it up in whole.

"Yanagawa Pot(柳川鍋, 1750yen)" is also popular. It is a pot of dozyo boiled in sweet sauce with egg.


You can of course choose from variety of side dishes too, like "Edo-styled Japanese omelet(江戸風卵焼き, 650yen)".


If you have come nearby the Tokyo Skytree, please take a visit to this "Komagata Dozyo" that introduces you to gourmet that hasn't changed over 200 years.


Komagata Dozyo(駒形どぜう) Asakusa Head Shop

Address:Tokyo Taito-ku Komagata 1-7-12
Nearest Station:Tobu Skytree line Asakusa St. Central Gate 10 minutes walk
/Tokyo Metro Ginza line Asakusa St. 2 exit 5minutes walk
/Toei Subway Asakusa line Asakusa St. A1 exit 2 minutes walk
/Toei Subway Ooedo line Kuramae St. A6 exit 5 minutes walk
Opening Hours:11:00~21:00(L.O.)
Closed Days:None(Except New Year's Holidays)
Credit Cards:Available

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