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Ishikawa's Shunran No Sato: Stay At A Historic Farm House In Noto

Ishikawa's Shunran No Sato: Stay At A Historic Farm House In Noto

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Noto is a farming community in Ishikawa prefecture. Out-of-towners can stay at Shunran no Sato, an old farmhouse converted into a guesthouse, where visitors are treated like one of the family.

Farm House Shunran no Sato: What Kind of Place Is This?

Noto is a farming town in Ishikawa prefecture. If you visit the Noto area, it's a good opportunity to learn about the daily lives of those in the local farming community.
At Shunran no Sato, where the countryside's pastoral landscape still remains, Japanese-style farmhouses have been preserved and converted into guesthouses, warmly welcoming visitors to Japan. Among the guesthouses, there are some with a history exceeding one hundred years!

But at Shunran no Sato, they don't just offer accommodation. Visitors can also participate in a variety of hands-on experiences, available only in the Noto area. These experiences depend on the season, but include gathering edible wild plants, fruit picking, rice planting and charcoal-making, to name just a few. These activities are available to guests staying at Shunran no Sato.
For details please refer to their home page, Shunran no Sato (Japanese).

After a day full of activities and sightseeing, guests can sit around an irori, a sunken fireplace that was historically a focal point in Japanese homes. Here they'll be served fresh fish and vegetables from the local fields and mountains. After eating all kinds of delicious dishes using local ingredients, guests can spend some leisurely time interacting with the local people.

At Shunran no Sato, you can participate in various hands-on activities according to the season: in the spring you can head out to the mountains and gather edible wild plants; in the heat of the summer you can cool off by spending time at the river and watching fireflies in the evening; in the fall you can enjoy picking mushrooms; and in the winter you can build a cozy snowhut.

Through these activities guests can get a feel for Japanese traditional culture and the four distinct seasons.

Find Your Second Home in This Rural Paradise

The most appealing aspect of staying at Shunran no Sato, is that the local residents treat guests warmly, exactly like members of their own family. After spending a night at Shunran no Sato, surrounded by fresh air and far from the hustle and bustle of the big city, it almost feels like your heart and soul have been purified. If you have an opportunity to visit Shunran no Sato, you'll certainly come away with a heartfelt feeling knowing that you've found your second home right here in Japan.

Shunran no Sato
Address: Ishikawa, Hosu, Noto, Miyachi 16-9
Phone number: 0768-76-0021
Official Home Page: (Japanese)

In Closing

With its unforgettable rural scenery, Ishikawa prefecture's Noto area is a place well known for promoting Japan's traditional culture since ancient times. It's a place that's attracting attention for its rich abundance of nature, history and traditional culture, precious resources that can't be measured in terms of money. On your next visit to Noto, make sure to experience everything the area has to offer, while interacting with its warm and friendly people.

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