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Enjoy The Hospitality Of An Owl At Wise Owl Hostels Tokyo

Enjoy The Hospitality Of An Owl At Wise Owl Hostels Tokyo

Translated by Takuya Erik Watanabe

Written by chia

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Wise Owl Hostels Tokyo is a unique youth hostel located in Hatchobori, Tokyo, where an owl welcomes visitors. It gathered attention upon its opening in July of 2016. The facility also boasts an izakaya and a bar.

There are many unique guesthouses and youth hostels in Tokyo. Wise Owl Hostels located in Hatchobori is one of these accommodation facilities. It's an amazing hostel where owls will welcome you.

Wise Owl Hostels Tokyo gathered much attention upon its opening in July of 2016 for its uniqueness.

Wise Owl Hostels Tokyo

The eye-catching letters reading "Wise Owl Hostels Tokyo" will jump right into your sight once you've exited the Subway Hibiya Line's Hatchobori Station. The strange-looking letter on the far left is made up of the initials of the Hostel: "W," "O," and "H."

The Landlady Is an Owl?

The greatest characteristic of Wise Owl Hostels Tokyo, is that the landlady is an owl named Hachi. She's an adorable creature with large and powerful eyes. She sits in the lobby and politely welcomes visitors.

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