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Much More Than Hot Springs! Great Places To Enjoy In Beppu, Oita

Much More Than Hot Springs! Great Places To Enjoy In Beppu, Oita

Translated by Jay Issei Karslake

Written by MATCHA-PR

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Part of the "hot spring prefecture Oita", Beppu has also many other activities to enjoy. You can tour fascinating locations such as the otherworldly "hell onsen", try various types of sake, see wild animals and much more!

Oita prefecture is where you will find the greatest concentration of hot springs with the highest outputs in all of Japan, rightly earning it the nickname “the hot spring prefecture”. Perhaps the most representative of these hot spring towns is Beppu, an extremely popular hot spring resort town among both domestic and international travelers to the Kyushu region.

Today we’d like to introduce various other interesting points of Beppu that we experienced!

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Hell Onsen Tour

In a previous article we introduced one unique activity found in Beppu, their famous "Hell tour". This time we'd like to share with you two other ‘Hells’ that we visited.

Kamado Hell - a Heavenly Hell?


Kamado Hell is an extremely hot onsen where you can view many different hot springs all in one place. For example, the cobalt blue spring and another where clay bubbles well up from below.


Especially popular among travelers is the attraction where the staff make smoke. In the instance cigarette smoke is blown outwards, the amount of smoke multiplies by several tens of times. It's a must-see experience.


Kamado Hell specialties, the hell steamed pudding and hot spring pitan are things you can only enjoy here. Please take the time to try them.

Kamado Hell (Kamado Jigoku)

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Check out the details of the tour organized by TOMODACHI GUIDE here.

A Crocodile-filled Hell - Oni Mountain Hell


Here's a Hell that's a bit different from the others, Oni Mountain Hell.


In 1923, Japan first started using the heat from hot springs to raise crocodiles as pets. They currently have 70 crocodiles, giving this place the second name: "Crocodile Hell".

Our recommendation is to visit during the crocodiles’ feeding time, held every Wednesday and Saturday. It's said that you can really appreciate the powerful force of the crocodiles as they jump up to eat their food.

Oni Mountain Hell

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Check out the details of the tour organized by TOMODACHI GUIDE here.

Scenery to Enjoy at Beppu's Ropeway


Photo courtesy of Beppu Ropeway (Japanese)

After enjoying the various onsen, why not take in a view that's recognized worldwide? The Beppu Ropeway is a large ropeway that connects the mountain top of Tsurumidake (1375 m above sea level) to its base. It has a maximum capacity of 101 people.


Photo courtesy of Beppu Ropeway (Japanese)

Tsurumidake is, of course, breathtaking in the spring cherry blossom and fall leaves periods, but no matter when you go you can enjoy the gorgeous sight of this landscape to the fullest here.


Photo courtesy of Beppu Ropeway (Japanese)

You can look down at Beppu's streets from the observation station at the top of the mountain. There's also the summer-only night time operating hours where you can see Beppu harbor at night. It's so beautiful that you will struggle to describe it in words.

Find Your Favorite Drink At Kyushu Shochu Hall


After enjoying Beppu Ropeway, please stop by the Kyushu Shochu Hall. Filled with each of Kyushu prefecture’s representative brands and over 300 rare varieties of shochu, Hita Geta is also a store that handles folk crafts. If you are interested in shochu, why not take a look here to find the brand that best suits your tastes?

Beppu Ropeway

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Check out the details of the tour organized by TOMODACHI GUIDE here.

Spend a Night in Steam-filled Kannawa


If you're going to stay the night in Beppu, how about staying in Kannawa, the town where steam rises up all over?


We recommend staying at the Toji Yanagiya in the Kannawa area. Although there aren’t that many rooms in this establishment, each is very different from the others, making it a place you will want to stay at over and over again.


Although it is a very laidback, Japanese-style inn, there are rooms with beds rather than futon available, making it an ideal place for guests who are not accustomed to sleeping on the floor to stay at.


The source of the hot spring is located right next to the inn, making it possible to constantly enjoy the fresh flowing hot waters. And since the waters of Yanagiya contain skin beautifying ingredients, it has gained popularity among beauty-conscious visitors as well.

Otto e Sette - An Unrivaled Place to Eat Italian Food in Oita


Depending on your overnight plan, you may get the chance to taste unrivaled Italian cooking at Otto e Sette Oita. This restaurant is located in an annex in Yanagiya and the owner/chef is very particular about selecting local products for its dishes.


A local specialty, the steamed pasta here is made using the natural steam that is visible throughout the town. You can eat lunch at the restaurant here without requiring an overnight stay at Yanagiya. By all means, please enjoy the seasonal Italian dishes made with Oita-produced ingredients here whenever you visit Beppu.

Sally Garden Inn, Touji Yanagiya

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A Symbol of Beppu’s Hot Spring History - Takegawara Hot Spring


For those wanting to experience more of Beppu’s history, a visit to the Takegawara hot spring is highly recommended. It’s a public bath so splendid that you might mistake it for a temple or an inn.


For only 100 yen you can enjoy a large bath outdoors where the wind will blow gently by you. A point of caution however, only a wash basin will be prepared for you here; you must provide your own towels, shampoo, etc.

Takegawara Onsen

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Check out the details of the tour organized by TOMODACHI GUIDE here.

Let’s Enjoy a Sand Bath too!


Beppu, which prides itself on having the largest quantity of hot springs in Japan, has some unique ones too. For example at Beppu Kaihin Sand Bath, you can take a sand bath rather than a hot water bath.


This is an unusual hot spring even for the Japanese, and a must for anyone visiting Beppu. You’re bound to feel relaxed as the warm sand covers you up and you gaze out at the ocean, or even close your eyes and rest. After being in the sand bath, you can also head into a regular hot spring afterwards.

Beppu Kaihin sand bath

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Check out the details of the tour organized by TOMODACHI GUIDE here.

Full of Fun for Adults too! The African Safari


We'll lastly introduce you to the African Safari in Usa city, a short walk away from the hot springs areas of Beppu. You can view animals up close in a similar state to those in the wild as well as enjoy a petting zoo corner where you can pet cute animals. This is a hands on type of park that both adults and kids can equally enjoy.


The appeal of this experience is that you can ride on a animal shaped jungle bus and go around the park feeding the animals.


The bus stops at predetermined feeding spots where you can feed the different kinds of animals.


The opportunity to feed a lion barely an arm’s length away is especially amazing and something you’ll definitely want to experience over and over again!


After viewing the large animals on the jungle bus, there's a petting zoo area where you can pet kangaroos, squirrel monkeys, and other small animals. You'll feel healed after petting the cute small animals.

African Safari

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Check out the details of the tour organized by TOMODACHI GUIDE here.

In Conclusion


How was it? Although Beppu is best known for its hot springs, today we introduced the other appealing points of this charming town. If you plan to travel in Kyushu, please stop by Beppu to enjoy the various delicious foods and fun filled activities found here! You're bound to discover a new appeal about Beppu and it might even become one of your favorite cities.

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