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Shopping in Asakusa: 3 Recommended Umbrellas at "WAKEARI HONPO"

Shopping in Asakusa: 3 Recommended Umbrellas at

Translated by UCHACA

Written by Shiori Nakajima

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In rainy season, many people feel that it's a nuisance having to go out in the rain. In this case, how about looking for special umbrellas that you can buy only in Japan. There are various types of design umbrellas in Japan and it's one of the best souvenirs from Japan.

I introduce to you special umbrellas that you want to bring out on rainy day.

"WAKEARI HONPO",  an Umbrella Specialty in Asakusa

There is a big shopping arcade located in front of "EKIMISE" in Asakusa Station. The length of this arcade is 380 meters and it's the longest scale in Japan.


When it starts to rain, many shops will sell umbrellas but the umbrellas sold in "WAKEARI HONPO" are special.


Here is the shop. There are so umbrellas that you cannot see the name of the shop.

In the shop, many colorful umbrellas are lined up.


Umbrellas of Japanese traditional pattern and the Japanese old design "BANGASA *1"are sold in this shop.

*1 BANGASA is Japanese old fashioned umbrella which is very strong and made with traditional method. It is big-boned and contains 48 stretchers, the shaft is made of bamboo and Japanese paper.


There are many folding umbrellas.


Have you ever seen such a small umbrella? It's just a ornament.
In this article, we introduce 3 recommended umbrellas that you need to check out.

[1]Cute umbrella! Folding umbrella of Kokeshi (Japanese Traditional Doll)


You can see Kokeshi wearing coloful Kimono at entrance side; what you may not notice is that this is an umbrella.


When you open this umbrella,you can see flower patterns on the canopy and face of Kokeshi on the handle. You may wonder if it is convenient to use at first, but in fact the handle fits into your palm perfectly.

You can choose 3 types of faces: "SMILE", "FAINT SMILE" and "STRAIGHT FACE".

[2]Feel like SAMURAI or NINJA


A mannequin in NINJA costume carries a Japanese sword on its back.


Of course, it's also an umbrella. Its handle is like the hilt of a sword and its appearance is a perfect replica of the Japanese traditional sword itself.


This case is attached to a string for you to hang it on the shoulder. You can draw your sword from your back like a NINJA!


These days, I sometimes see tourists from abroad carrying this umbrella on his/her back.

Its style is very cool so you can bring it whether it rains or not.

[3]"SUSHI Umbrella"


There are umbrellas which are printed in "KAMINARIMON","TOKYO SKYTREE" and "KABUKI".

If you want to bring Japanese memories back to your country, this souvenir is most suitable for you.


Yes, SUSHI!!

The Japanese phrase "ITADAKIMASU" is printed on this umbrella and it is a phrase of gratitude. We Japanese express gratitude to the plants and animals before having a meal because we continue to live by earning their lives. Many people who like Japanese food culture will buy this umbrella.

Umbrellas which You Want to Show Off

Above, we introduced 3 special umbrellas that can be found in Asakusa. There are much more. All the umbrellas in this shop are suitable as Japanese souvenirs.

When you come to Asakusa in the rainy season, how about buying these special umbrellas as Japanese souvenirs?

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